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Thread: Totally selfish rate my prospects thread!! (Player Comparisons Pls!!)

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    Default Totally selfish rate my prospects thread!! (Player Comparisons Pls!!)

    So Ive read all the dobberprospect tidbits (several times usually) but Im trying to get a clear picture on these guys. Some of them I traded key players for- Marchand, Burns (in bigger deals not straight up) so Id love to get a good feel on timelines, upside, individual skill and I love, love player comparisopns!!

    Nick Suzuki- I just landed him at the last secons. What i read on the yamomoto vs suzuki thread that I liked is how suzuki seems to thrive depite linemates not because of them. His deployment has shown he can produce all by himself and once given some pp time with a halfway competent sniper in TT he made highlight reel assist after highlight reel assist. Im hoping hes got the floor of a franchise floor, theyre building around him offensively, and that with loosened (more) deployment and a bonafide sniper (caufield) he could be a top offensive option.
    PC- Backstrom-lite?- I read this in another thread. Im hoping with more sogs and goals as his draft analysis cites a laser beam wrister that can beat goalies clean from the hashmarks as a weapon in his arsenal and he wont have a generational goal scorer to always defer too (unless CC gets there :P)

    Cody Glass- I know Vegas have been patient but I feel like even a patient franchise will start elaning on a guy like this more right? He was neck and neck with Pettersen and although I dont believe for a second hes got that otherworldly creative/offensive flaie Elias does- he did compare favorably and upped his scoring in amjor way in his draft year. All Ive read about his development is quiet success without blowing up or having any meaningful setbacks. Is he still the incumbent number 1 center? I feel like at his best LKarlsson is better suited to a second line center anyways and they have scoring wing options coming out the ying yang anyways. Will he be at least a 2C by next year? Does he crack pp1? Is he a 70 point ceiling until proven otherwise? Are we hoping for 80? Is there a 90 point gear?
    PC- Mark Scheiffele- Ive heard this comparison quite a few times- a little bit in terms of playstyle and a lot regarding who he took such a massive step offensively in his draft year which posed an enimgmatic problem for GMs who had to reach for him. In my deep dives Ive read how he does the simple/correct play- is wise beyond his years and goes for substance over flash. Does that limit his uposide offensively? Or leave room for more growthj?

    Nick Robertson- I was surpeised to read he was an 8!! There seem to be roadblocks- hes on a loaded leafs teams so hes probably one or two years away from the show and likely has limited opportunity when he gets there. I also look at a guy like Bracco and I cringe a bit. Maybe its the fishbowl media, or maybe its how flashy his game is but his development never really thought the way we thought it would (given there is still plenty of time for him). I love that hes a sniper but I cant tell if hes a volume shooter? Is he more Gallagher or more Teravainen? With all the talent in TO do we ever even see him as a topline/top pp option? The leafs need depth scoring more than anything and Im worried they may try to develop him in that mould. is that a valid concenr? Even their depth guys are formidable opposition to crack the lineup- Mikheyev, Johnsson. Can he be a 30 goal guy in the right situation? Is 40 a dream?
    PC- DeBrincat- obviously without the goalscoring accolades. hes a smaller guy (very small) and these players sometimes tend towards playmaking where all the review Ive read on Robertson is on a goal scoring sniper type.

    McCelod- i feel like this pick is more of a bust. Theres always the distant dream of mpaying with McD but they finally have some scoring depth and he might be developed more as a depth player scoring/checking hybrid and from what Ive read his playstyle suits that. Anything Im missing?
    PC- I dont know?? Any guesses?

    Juulsen- I feel like the pressing need for an offensive dman in MTL is passing a bit. i also think Romanov will be the 40ish point multi cat guy in MTl and they might try to give him the pp time- first crack anyways. I can see an upside of a secondary pp type with solid top 4 minutes.
    Goligoski? Im guessing probably not rerlevant in most season but maybe an outlier season of 35ish where hes a decent play? Am I selling too short? And I dont have time to reesearch if Goligoski is the best example lol- the Goli pof the last 5 years or so :P
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    Default Re: Totally selfish rate my prospects thread!! (Player Comparisons Pls!!)

    I don't like to do player comparisons and I don't watch most of these guys enough to give you them, but I'll give you my takes on a few guys.

    Mcleod I don't see as a high upside, like a 3rd line guy with offensive abilities. If you can flip him for a better guy based on his draft position etc I would but otherwise might as well hold he's having a decent first year in AHL and Oil will need cheap players going forward.

    Juulsen... Abort abort, he is turning 23 in April and hasn't played an NHL game since last season and only 12 GP in the AHL this year. He's been struggling with headaches and migraines since he was hit in the head with a puck last year. He is droppable if you need room, if you can get anything in a trade for him I'd do it ASAP.
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    Default Re: Totally selfish rate my prospects thread!! (Player Comparisons Pls!!)

    As a Habs fan, I gave up on Juulsen two years ago. I feel bad for the kid as injuries killed him, but his time has passed. Michael McLeod will not be anything special in the NHL. Middle-six forward if you're lucky. Nick Robertson has more upside than I anticipated, however, unless he gets traded, I find it a hard time believing he'd be a Top-6 forward for the Leafs. I would of used a draft pick on him, but I wouldn't have traded assets to acquire him, hoping that he gets traded or something magical happens. Cody Glass and Nick Suzuki definitely have high upside and have realistic futures with both of their respected teams. Cody Glass is a definite Top-6 forward and maybe an elite forward and Nick Suzuki looks like he'll be an elite first line winger for the Habs for years to come

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