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Thread: 1000 people to be temporarily laid off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by audiopile View Post
    I was born in Canada, so its my land too. I can't change what happened (colonization and all the ugly that comes with it) and I don't think it's fair that I be held accountable for it either. All peoples have had to change and adapt to all kinds of external forces over the centuries, evolution if you believe it. It happens every day on an imperceptible scale. This situation should be no different but the adaptation has met resistance. Preservation of culture is an idealistic concept but not practical. Sorry but that's just how it is. We can keep all that stuff in museums and the annals of history but as a people we need to look forward and deal with the problems we are all facing (climate change and poverty), not just certain groups.

    Sorry, back to those pesky pipeline issues...
    Again, really easy to say this when it's some ethereal "other" person being talked about. I have to admit I've had these same thoughts, but at the end of the day I simply cannot put myself in that place and I just honestly don't think it's possible for me to even understand what it's like. I know if it was my family, my history, and my people being threatened, that I would do some pretty extreme things to hang onto them, so I have a hard time putting too much blame on those who wish to.

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    Default Re: 1000 people to be temporarily laid off?

    Fair enough but you are saying its "easy for me to say" simply based on what, my opinion? You know nothing (Jon Snow) about my ancestry and what my family went through. I too am very conflicted about the situation, it really is a difficult topic to discuss, I was hesitant to make that post but all I know is that the current system isn't working and something needs to change. Permanent resolution would clearly benefit everyone.

    Personally I've never experienced any real strife, but I learned from my family who did that those events are terrible things to do to people and to never propagate that behavior. They also explained how they dealt with it through understanding why those things happened and how to cope with them to improve their situation. For me, I can't justify carrying any resentment toward those events, they didn't happen to me, they happened to my family, most of which have passed so to me its in the past with them.

    I wish people wouldn't have to suffer and be faced with injustice, but people who have unfortunately have some responsibility to change their situation in a reasonable way. Rehashing past events isn't the answer. What has happened can never be undone. Forgiveness will help, it always does, people must move on.

    There are so many success stories of immigrants coming to Canada that I just can't accept that it isn't possible for people who are already citizens to have those stories as well.

    K - thats enough for a Friday night - time for a beer. Peace everyone

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    Default Re: 1000 people to be temporarily laid off?

    At the end of the day what I think about this issue is completely pointless as I have no control over it and simply hope it can be resolved in a way that satisfies both sides. I just hope as a nation we have learned from our past mistakes and don't keep making the same mistakes, but those decisions are out of my control as well.

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