Last year I tried to do this in the off-season and too many people had too many different rule variations- so i figured Id try this again- and do it slower. We can collect 10 solid owners and as long as everyones down we can slow draft over the ROS and summer.

Ever wanted to join a dynasty from the ground up? Tired of taking over teams that are mangled and in pieces?? Nows your chance! Im starting a league for next year that will be very immersive keep all dynasty! We will use fantrax and fantrax treasurer to ensure funds are all taken care of tidily (30CAD). With a salary cap, dynamic point focused scoring cats, and a daily changes format with a deep bench ensure that only the most strategically savvy will rise to the top!

* One other goofy thing: I had been toying with the idea of using sci fi and fantasy in the team names. Outside of that theres no real restrictions- so like the Mordor Marauders or the Hogwarts Hedge Wizards- pretty loose- but would love some owners who are cool with buying into that!

First things first- Im pretty partial on the core specs. They do favor a more points oriented format- but I weighted in hits and pims at 1/2 a cat each. This doesnt suit everyone apparently but its a sticking point for me. I definitely value starts from a goalie so games played and saves are key:

3C, 3RW, 3LW, 3F, 5D, 2G, 8 Bench
Skater Cats- G, A, P, PPP, SOG, Pims 1/2 a cat, Hits 1/2 a cat
Goalie Cats- W, Saves, GAA, SO
Daily Changes

Salary will be 10 million above the cap floor

We will do a full draft, followed by a farm draft (anybody not drafted in the pro draft), followed by junior draft (NHL entry draft only). The rules will be laid out more clearly- but in year 1 our farm will be 15. In year 2 we'll do a supplemental draft and the farm will go to 18. In year 3 it will be up at an even 21 where it will stay. The junior drafts will be 5 picks per year. There is no limit on the amount on your junior roster- only that that can stay there for up to 3 years after being drafted at which point they have to be promoted to your farm or pro team. That being said you can collect a smattering of junior picks and keep as many as you want.