This is a new startup dynasty league. Free entry no buy-in, 25 man rosters, 10 man practice squad, IDP, Salary Cap, etc. Any further questions or interest in joining to fill one of the final 4 spots in the league please email me at [email protected] . See the constitution below:

General Rules

Rule 1: This is a fun league and we will never charge money for it. This is an opportunity for players to experience a dynasty league without the pressure of spending money.

Rule 2: All are welcome, chirping is encouraged, but don't cross any lines. If at any point you are deemed to have crossed a line you will get one warning and then you will be expelled from the league. If the first offense is aggregious enough you will be removed immediately.

Rule 3: Collusion is prohibited. Any players found to be colluding with another player will be required to forfeit their team's 1st round pick for the following two seasons.

Rule 4: Players may only own 1 team. Anyone found to own multiple teams will be expelled from the league.

Rule 5: Any player who believes another player is cheating in any way is to bring their complaint to the commissioner. It will then be investigated and the results of that investigation will be made public to everyone in the league if cheating has occurred.

Rule 6: Updated rosters will always be available for viewing via email. The Commissioner will ensure that all rosters are cap compliant and will keep them up to date. These will be kept in an Excel file.

Rule 7: All trades will be reviewed by the Commissioner for fairness. Remember that this is a fun league and tanking is not a guarantee for a high pick due to the lottery.

Dynasty Settings

Free Agency
The initial draft will be an auction style draft. There will also be an initial rookie entry draft after the actual NFL draft has occurred. Each team will have a 1000 point budget. This is also your "salary cap". The price at which you "buy" a player at the draft is their contract. Minimum contract is 5 points. Maximum contract is 880. Player contracts will expire every 3 credited seasons that a player accrues meaning at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, etc. A credited season is defined as a season in which a player plays in 3 or more games. At the time of a contract expiration, teams have two options to keep their players, they may either place a franchise tag on the player, or a Non-Exclusive franchise tag. Franchise tags are calculated as the average "salary" of the top 5 "paid" players at a position. Each team will have 1 Franchise tag to use each year. The other option is to use a Non-Exclusive franchise tag, this tag will carry the average "salary" of the top 10 "paid" players at the position. The Non-Exclusive franchise tag can be beaten by another team. This list of NEFT players will come out each off season and there will be a period during which players can be "offered" by other teams. When a Non-Exclusive franchise tag is beaten, one of two things will happen. If the player has 6 or fewer credited seasons the team will have a chance to match the offer before the player is sent to the Free Agency auction. If the player has more than 6 credited seasons they will enter the free agent pool with the initial bid being the offer that beat the NEFT. At this time the auction period will commence on the free agent pool. If a team chooses to let a player go to free agency rather than place a tag on them then they will be available once the free agent auction period begins.

Free Agency Auction
The auction will be run via forum posts and will take place for a month. This will be in the form of a running list of bids on the forum post board. When making a bid, copy and paste all of the bids from the previous post while updating the bid for the one you are changing. Over the month, if any player receives a bid and in 7 days that bid doesn't change, the player will be awarded to that team. All bids will be public knowledge this way and there is a fair purchasing of the player's services. If a team attempts to bid more than they can afford to spend, the largest bid they made will be disqualified. This means that if you have 200 points in cap room and make a 150 point bid, you can only make up to a 50 point bid until someone beats your 150 point bid and it is off the table. Minimum contract value is 5 points.

Entry Draft
Each year a 6 round entry draft will be held after the NFL draft for that year's class of rookies. The 8 teams that miss the playoffs the previous year will enter a lottery for the top spots. The bottom 4 having a 16.67% chance at first overall and teams finishing 9-12 having a 8.33% chance. The playoff teams will be ordered via their playoff results and their season standings relative to the round in which they are eliminated. Each first round pick will carry a 30 point salary and each subsequent round will reduce salary by 5 points( 1-30, 2-25, 3-20, 4-15, 5-10, 6-5). This entry level contract will last for 3 seasons. If a team is ever unable to attend a rookie entry draft, they may submit a list of positions to the Commissioner in the order that they wish to be drafted. From this they will get the next available player at that position. They may also specify a player and they will be chosen if available.

Practice Squad Eligibility
Each team will have a practice squad comprised of up to 10 players. These players will be protected property of their organizations until they have 3 credited seasons. At this time they will have to be moved to the roster or else they can be claimed by any other team. Any player placed on a practice squad with more than 3 credited seasons will be eligible to be claimed immediately. Claims will be sent via message to the Commissioner and will be processed on a first come first serve basis.

Salary Cap
The salary cap of 1000 points may never be exceeded by any team at any time.

Waiver Wire
There will be no waiver wire or claims/drops in season for this league. If a player is left on free agency and blows up, they will remain there until the next offseason, at which time they will be available for auction. Any player on your roster at the beginning of the season will remain there for the duration of the year. The buyout penalty for buying out a player during the offseason buyout period is half their salary for the remainder of their contract. (A 200 point contract with 2 years left if bought out will cost a team 100 points in cap space for the following 2 seasons). Any player who announces their retirement from the NFL or does not have a contract can be dropped at no cost. So Antonio Brown could have been dropped midseason and someone off the practice squad promoted.

Division leaders make the playoffs and are seeded 1-3 according to regular season standings. Wildcards are seeded 4-6. First two ranked division leaders get a bye through the wildcard round to the semis. Playoffs reseed each round en route to the championship to be named later.

Each year teams will have 13 regular season games. Teams will play each team in their division twice making up the first 3 and last 3 matchups of the season. The remaining 7 games in the middle will be against 4 other teams in a division, and 3 other teams from the third division. The divisional matchups will cycle on a yearly basis so no team will ever go three years without playing another team.

Scoring settings can be found in the tabs. The league follows a PPR league with IDPs for the most part.

Teams have 25 spots on their active roster. This includes 13 starters and 12 bench. There are 10 IR slots on each team as well as 10 practice squad slots. The starting lineup will consist of 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1RB/WR/TE, 1K, 2DL, 2LB, 2DB. In order to be eligible for injured reserve, a player must either be on the league IR list or the PUP list. Players with an Out designation are not eligible and players serving suspensions are not eligible. Teams must always have 25 players on their active roster meaning if they are short they must bid on extra free agents during the offseason. In season if someone goes to IR they must be replaced via the practice squad.