Poll: Will Ovechkin (692) Pass Gretzky (894) for Career Goals?

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Thread: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

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    Default Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    Ovy just passed Lemieux for most career goals and is about to start passing some real elite company in the next few years, so let’s cut to the chase and go right to the top

    Tale of the Tape

    Wayne Gretzky The “Great One”

    Age: 58
    Seasons: 20
    GP: 1,487
    Goals: 894

    Alexander Ovechkin “The Great Eight”

    Age: 34 (35 in September)
    Seasons: 14
    GP: 1,084
    Goals: 692
    894 – 658 = 202 Goals Behind

    Some math:
    16 more on the season (50 on the year) leaves 186 behind Gretzky

    30 –> 40 years old
    240 more goals by the time he is 40, he may play past that.

    Ovechkin still has a lethal shot and has to date avoided any long-term injuries. No Fence Sitting, I say he passes Gretzky. Mainly because I think he will simply keep playing until he does
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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    Not a chance.
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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    10% chance.

    Jumps if he gets 50goals next yr.
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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    Ima say no.
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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    Heck yes, he’s going to crack 900.
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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    i think he can score 30 at 40....but question is will he play this long..if he does, i would say he passes the record..

    as is he is scoring at .63 goals per game where Gretz scored at .60

    also average goals per game was about 1 goal more when Gretz played than in Ovi era. You can make an argument he is quite a bit better goal scorer as is...but we will see if he can get the actual numbers record.
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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    I am rooting for him that is for sure. Not sure I would put money on it though. Will Ovi want to play until 40? I am not sure. If he does there is a chance.
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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    I think we can say he is probably the best goal scorer in NHL history (different eras so I am sure there are differing opinions) as the league sv% in the 80s was like 0.890 and since 2005 it has probably been about 0.915. So if he was around back there we would probably see abnormal goal totals haha

    I don't think he gets there but I think he can clear 801.

    He missed his 18yo season which could have brought 30-55 goals, the year the Caps went full defense only under Boudreau, Oates and the Hunter years where he scored like 30-35 (taking probably 40-60 goals away there), and the lockout shortened 48 game year where he scored 32 - that could have been another 60+ year.

    So if we could somehow give him back those 90 goals (conservative estimate) he would be at 782 right now and would for sure pass Wayne. In an era of lower goal scoring numbers, Trotz-like defense systems, and bigger goalies his totals are already crazy
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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    Ever the optimist I say yes. He's showing no slow down signs and his game should age well as a pp specialist. Stand there and rip one timers. If he can gets 15ish more this year and then 50 next year (doable) he'll be sitting at 755ish at 35. If he plays 6 more seasons he will have to average 23 goals a year.

    I just think he plays until he gets it and he will be able to score 20 goals at 40. The key is really the next two years, if he can get 100 over the next two seasons he's going to get there.
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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    Put me down for YES

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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    I voted no. Just too many factors working against him. First, Ovechkin must stay healthy. Second, he has to play till at least the age of 40. Third, he has to remain extremely productive in his late 30s, which is when most players severely decline.

    IMO, Ovechkin is the greatest goal scorer of all time, even if he doesn't end up with the most goals of all time. I doubt there are many who'd argue otherwise.
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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    I've learned to stop betting against Ovie. Put me down in the yes column.
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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    If Ovi plays till he is 40 then my answer is yes, he beats the great one in goals.
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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    Corey Masisak @cmasisak22

    Wayne Gretzky scored 217 goals from his age-30 season until the end of his career (640 games).

    Alex Ovechkin now has 217 goals since the start of his age-30 season (373 games).
    Really the question is just do you think Ovechkin will play until ~40. He's said previously in interviews he wouldn't keep playing just to break the record, so he might not just hang around. He easily will break it if he plays another 5 seasons after this, and he's obviously the best goal scorer of all time.

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    Default Re: Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky’s Goal Total?

    I voted yes for a few reasons:
    - quite simply, scoring goals is an emotional rush for anyone regardless of age and I don't see Ovechkin getting bored.
    - Ovy's usage will shift over time to preserve his most valuable contribution: goals, which will extend his career.
    - Ovy is not just generational in on-ice talent, but also conditioning, mental toughness, etc. These help a player endure lots of games.
    - Washington has secured, long-term, high end talent that Ovy enjoys playing with: Kuzy, Backstrom, Carlson...those three alone will incentivize Ovechkin to play another 5-6 years
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