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Thread: I have room for one prospect - Help please.

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    Default Re: I have room for one prospect - Help please.

    Loving my thread revival. Thank you.

    That is some great advice about SOG and Newhook seems to be the winner.

    I will add him soon. Rep coming to all.
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    Default Re: I have room for one prospect - Help please.

    Man Im in full on bias mode but shizdang- Robertson is a machine!!

    What hes doing in goal scoring hasnt been done in like 20 years (pro-rated anyways- but he was on fire on either side of his injury- never slowed down)- AND this kid was 5 days away from being draft eligible THIS YEAR!! Hes putting up historic goalscoring numbers in what could hypothetically have been his draft year. Which means as by far the youngest draftee in his year he was still better than a ppg on a very bad petes team. If you watch his highlights they are ridiculous (ill try and post a few)- "non-stop motor doesnt even capture it. Hes a buzz saw out there! Just a pinball on the forecheck.

    And thats not a one off either. He regularly makes defenders (and forwards for that matter) look bad because hes a speedster who just NEVER stops.

    Ill take Newhook still because Ive found deferring to the experts generally works better but Ill say this. If I could land a tangible asset on to of Robertson- Id probably swap Newhook. I havent been as high on a prospect as Ive been on Robertson in a long time. I just read through 19 pages of HFboards commentary and Im not alone either- lol! His birthday really messes with things because he went so bananas this year. if he did this is his draft year the comparables become Patrick Kane and Johnathon Tavares. He is 5"9- no getting around that but if youre a hockey fan you just love how this kid plays- its nuts!!

    A very good scout went on record saying he could be a 20 goal scorer in the NHLer on his one timer alone (olofsson-esque)- nevermind all the other things he brings (speed, skill, hustle). His low assists have universally been chalked up to bheing paired up with a linemate allergic to shooting. When he playes with shooters hes shown he can defer and make great passes as well. Could post clips all day long. That last one in the hattie is his trademark- just dominates with his checking and destroys d-men with his speed and hustle.
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    Default Re: I have room for one prospect - Help please.

    Looking back at it, there is only one guy you had to pick of the bunch. Newhook, regardless if you're looking at NHL readiness or upside, he's the guy you had to get

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