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Thread: Nick Suzuki V 2020 draft

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    Default Nick Suzuki V 2020 draft

    im in a dynasty Banger keeper league we keep our full roster. i will have the 3rd overall pick in the 2020 draft i have been offered Nick Suzuki and his 1st that will probably be any where from 9th to the 12th pick in the draft. currently it would be the 9th pick. for my pick that is pretty much locked in at the 3rd pick unless i go on a good run could be the 4th. wondering what everyone thinks of this offer thank you. one more thing i also have another 1st round pick that will probably in the same area between 9-12

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    Default Re: Nick Suzuki V 2020 draft

    I think you need to figure out what you think of the guys who are likely available at 3, and how deep your team is right now. Without seeing your roster, I'd lean towards accepting, as it's not a top-2 pick, but that may change based on your roster.
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    Default Re: Nick Suzuki V 2020 draft

    I dont think it's a bad offer for flipping picks as I do think Suzuki has a pretty high ceiling, although I dont really like him in Montreal as much as others. Not sure about your current roster and team needs so that would always be helpful to know.

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    Default Re: Nick Suzuki V 2020 draft

    This draft has a great top 11, and the difference between 3rd and 11th isn't massive. If you feel comfortable enough that the pick you receive is in that top 11 group, then I would be willing to make this deal - assuming deep rosters like I assume. The 3rd overall pick is the best player in discussion here but instead, you'll get two top 10 picks, one of whom is already playing in the NHL and doing well.

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    Default Re: Nick Suzuki V 2020 draft

    This is tough. Uncultivated potential is a hard thing to predict. Huge potential could stall out or fall off for a lot of reason. This draft has a lot og HUGE potential. Thats a good thing- a very good thing- but a lot can happen along "the journey". With Suzuki he might not actually have the "potential youd get in that 3 hole (thinking one of the swedes here and dang I like that german kid too!!)- but the thing is hes translating and hes translating it now. That is such an important step that you cant disregard. In the yamomoto vs Suzuli thread it also emerged how we can look at suzukis deployment and infer that he can thrive on his own and probably is in fact a bigtime play driver on his line. In fantasy we love those types of guys. Im in the small camp that has believed in Yamomoto the whole time so Im not at all sure this is Draisaitl dependent but the fact remains its happening with a superstar- wheras suzuli is forcing the issue. That is such a big factor.

    I just feel like at this point in his development youre likely looking at at least 70ish points with a real chance theyve found a gamebreaker and he can hit higher gear with the right deployment and linemates (Suzuki/Caufield 2022!!). In the 3 spot Id think thats basiucally the best you can hope for. So adding a whole extra pick in a deep draft?? Id take it. Bear in mind- it will be painful to watch those top guys go when the hype train is in full swing and if somehow Byfield falls to 3rd Id be devastated- lol! Should have a Byfield clause in the trade- haha! I think its the right play though...
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    Default Re: Nick Suzuki V 2020 draft

    Thanks i did make the trade and very happy i did there is a chance the pick i had could actually move up to the 4th or even the 5th spot and the other manager has had alot of bad luck with injuries so i would actually have the 7th overall

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