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Thread: Fantrax Keeper League, New Auction

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    Default Fantrax Keeper League, New Auction

    Please email me at [email protected] if interested.
    Looking for a couple new owners.
    Long time Commish with many long time team owners.
    This is a FRESH auction and draft for minors. All players available.
    8 contracts plus minors.

    Quick FAQs

    $100 franchise fees

    12 Roto periods (2 weeks each) with 6x6 Roto Categories
    Prize winners in each Period
    Season stats accumulate as well, overall top 3 win prizes
    Auction draft ($260 budget)
    Minor League Draft (4 rounds)
    Only stats constraint is 260 GS total for the year, can be used any period
    After 260 GS ALL PITCHING STATS will stop accumulating.
    standard 5x5 Roto plus BB and QS for 6x6
    10-12 teams
    12 starting hitters, 6 starting pitchers, 8 bench, 4 Minors
    FAAB on Wed and Sat
    Daily lineup changes
    $1 REAL dollar transaction fee for players acquired in a trade
    All finances managed by Fantrax treasury
    I will pay for site management fees this year
    8 contracts signed after auction for +1 to +3 year deals

    How Contracts Work

    YEAR 1

    • All drafted minor leaguers will be given /m contracts and $5 salaries (not subtracted from $260)
    • After the auction, owners will pick 8 major league players to award +1-3 contracts.
    • These designations DO NOT CHANGE the entire year and through to next year's draft.
    • Contracts freeze a player's salary for the duration of the contract.
    • All auctioned minor leaguers have the salary they are given during the auction and can be moved to minors with a /m to replace one of the other minor leaguers at the time of the auction. However, a team can never have more than 4 /m contracts, although mroe minor leaguers can be drafted or picked up and rotated to the minor league slots.
    • No free agents are eligible for contracts and any players that are dropped will lose their contract status.

    YEAR 2-N

    • At the second (and beyond) year auction, owners can keep any players with +1-3 contracts.
    • All other major league players are returned to the player pool with the exception of /m minor leaguers.
    • If a minor leaguer graduates during the year, he can only be held over by dropping one of the 8 major leaguers.
    • His /m is removed and he is eligible for a new contract after the auction.
    • If a minor leaguer is still in the minors then he stays on the farm and reduces the number of new drafted minor leaguers that team can draft.
    • When the auction is over, 1 year is subtracted from any remaining contracts and owners fill out the rest of their contracts up through 8 eligible players. Players coming off contracts are not eligible for a new one.

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    Default Re: Fantrax Keeper League, New Auction

    When is the auction?

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