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Thread: Jarry the real #1 in Pittsburg?

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    Default Jarry the real #1 in Pittsburg?

    I'm in a limited moves league (8 done out of the 14 allowed annually) and I start to be a bit worried about my goalie situation.

    I have Holtby as my starter and Gibson as my backup. We only start 1 goalie weekly and Holtby is starting to loose starts to Samsonov and getting into a time share.

    Gibson, I have never started him over Holtby so he's pretty much expandable.

    FA goalies are thin but Jarry is still there available. I wonder if it's worth burning a move and dropping Gibson for Jarry to have a backup plan (or even replacing Holtby as my starter) in case the situation with Holtby goes even worse?

    Also, what are the chances that Murray takes back his role as number 1?

    It's a H2H point only league. Only wins are counted for goalies.

    16 teams Dynasty H2H, 25 Pro 17 Farm 4C 4LW 4RW 6D 1G 6B
    Cats: G, A, P, PPP, SOG, FW, HIT, BLK, W, GAA, SV%

    C: Mackinnon, Matthews, Seguin(RW), Stamkos(LW/RW), Couturier
    LW: E. Kane, Pacioretty, Rakell(RW), Miller(RW), Palat, Johnsson
    RW: Voracek, Dadonov(LW), Pavelski(C), Eberle, Olofsson
    D: Burns, Jones, Ristolainen, Gustafsson, Weber, Fowler, D.Toews
    G: Hellebucyk, Varlamov, Mrazek

    Farm: R.Suzuki, Garland, Kostin, A.Thomas, Appleton,
    Kahun, Marody, Dorofeyev, Paul, Lizotte, Fox, ĘPerunovich, Beaudin, Rosen, Walker, Brook

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    Default Re: Jarry the real #1 in Pittsburg?

    I dunno... I mean Jarry has started 10 of last 14 gp and is 8-1-1 in that stretch. He has given up 3 goals in each of his last 4 games... but he's as steady as they come right now.
    Maybe grab Jarry and see if you can flip Holtby for Murray.
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    Default Re: Jarry the real #1 in Pittsburg?

    Thanks Lucafen, but this league as zero daily move (choose and lock your lineup on mondays) , so handcuffing Ó tandem is useless. Basically the best goalies are the ones that plays most of their teams game has true #1.

    We have 2 goalies but only really play one weekly and the other one is there as an option.

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    Default Re: Jarry the real #1 in Pittsburg?

    I have the exact same question, and my guess right now is we see a plateau next year depending on their respective performances for the rest of the year. Both are RFA, both will be signed 2-3 years and one of them will land in Seattle.

    Prior to this season, Murray had the so-called golden boy status but what a fall from grace since then. Right now I feel like Pittburgh management will keep the best goalie and move forward. They're both young! I think if Jarry has huge success in the playoffs he will become the #1 but it's so hard to say until then.
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    Bench: Theodore, Keller,
    Farm: Kaprizov, Turcotte
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    C - Tavares, Stamkos, Backstrom, Zibanejad
    RW - Kucherov, O'Reilly

    LW -
    Miller, Bjorkstrand
    , Ehlers
    D - Josi, Burns, Hronek
    G - Rask, Markstrom
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    Default Re: Jarry the real #1 in Pittsburg?

    My best guess is that they ultimately shift into a shared role between Jarry and Murray. Jarry is the man for today but that could easily change by February imo.
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    Default Re: Jarry the real #1 in Pittsburg?

    I wouldn't drop Gibson for him. It's hard to imagine it right now but in reality he's only 3 bad starts away from losing the job to Murray. As an owner I hope that doesnt happen but it could easily take place at any moment. When you've got a proven playoff goalie sitting there waiting to catch fire down the stretch, the Pens will have no hesitation to kick Jarry back to the bench if he stumbles at all.

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    LW - Hall, Skinner, Rust, Kreider, van Riemsdyk
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    Default Re: Jarry the real #1 in Pittsburg?

    I think Jarry is the #1 for now, but in your format, Gibson is a good own as a backup plan, as he's the better goalie on his team.

    I think I'd make the move for Jarry, though. Can you keep Gibson, and make a trade of one of your current two, or would that be another move?
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    D: Carlson, DeAngelo, Letang, Marino, Makar, Yandle
    F1: Couturier, Giroux, Voracek
    F2: Schiefele, Wheeler, MacKinnon
    F3: Stamkos, Point, JT Miller
    F4: Bertuzzi, Tavares, Seguin

    G: Bobrovsky
    D: Barrie, M Reilly, Heiskanen, Klingberg, Pionk, Weegar, Ekblad,
    F: Benn, Guentzel,, Labanc, Necas, Pearson
    Reserve: Datsyuk

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