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Thread: Arvidsson vs. Suzuki vs. Boqvist vs. Duclair

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    Default Arvidsson vs. Suzuki vs. Boqvist vs. Duclair

    Hi guys,

    If you have the option to spare a few minutes, that would be appreciated. I have the option the acquire any of these guys in a trade, and I am wondering how you would rank them in terms of long term viability.

    They all seem to each have their own pros, but hoping for some advice or suggestions on my thoughts here

    Arvidsson: Proven point producer with a great salary cap for a long time, just having a down year.

    Nick Suzuki: Having a great rookies compaign, low salary cap because of ELC and might have the most potential of anyone on this list?

    Boqvist: Probably have the Keats strong opinion on Boqvist, but he's playing top line minutes in Chicago and putting up respectable numbers at a young age. Because our scoring system is weighted to defensemen, finding a good defensemen can be huge for the team.

    Duclair: Having the best season out of all of these players, is it a flash in the pan? Can he sustain this season to season? Young and low cap as well, although looks to get a big raise this offseason.

    Stuck, so any I out anyone has would be awesome, thanks!
    All Washed Up - Salary Cap Keeper League (Keep 18 of 22)
    Forwards - Goals =2, Assists =1, PPP =1, +/- =0.5, SOG =0.25, Hits =0.25
    Defence - Same as above except Goals =3, Assists =2
    Goalies - Win =2.5, SO =5, SV =0.1, GA =-0.5

    C: Larkin, Rakell, Seguin, Skinner, Beauvillier
    LW: Ehlers, Fiala, Gaudreau, Lee, Bjorkstrand,
    RW: Neal, Necas, Rantanen, Kakko
    D: Barrie, Gustafsson, Theodore, Werenski, S Walker
    G: Rittich, Hart, Saros

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    Default Re: Arvidsson vs. Suzuki vs. Boqvist vs. Duclair

    Ultimately all of this depends on what you're giving up.

    I'm a little worried with Arvidsson right now. There's nothing that really indicates he should be producing more than he is. His ice time is down 2 min from last season (but more in line with previous year) but the big thing is his shot totals. He's down to 2.3 shots per game vs 3.36 and 3.16 the past two years. That's a full shot per game and 10 goals based on his historic S%. Basically some red flags here.

    Suzuki and Boqvist are still young and aren't going to do loads for you this year. Suzuki is clearly providing something, but nothing crazy right now. Boqvist hasn't done much in 22 games with Chicago so far. Again, depends on what you're moving.

    I don't expect big things from Duclair. He's getting opportunity this year as his icetime is up by 3-4 minutes per game and he's adding an extra shot per game at 2.8 now vs 1.8 in the past, so those are positives. But I still don't see more than 40-50 points out of him on a regular basis if he's able to maintain that icetime and shot rate. Not a guy I'd be targeting except at a basement bargain price.

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    Default Re: Arvidsson vs. Suzuki vs. Boqvist vs. Duclair

    Personally, I like Boqvist; especially if it's a salary cap league and especially if D are as important as you say.

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    Default Re: Arvidsson vs. Suzuki vs. Boqvist vs. Duclair

    I like Boqvist as well. Suzuki is nice but MtL is a funny place.
    Roster 12 Forwards 6 D and 2 Goalies. Also have 2 spares ALL Keepers, Pts only.

    Cap follows NHL and we go by total Salary.

    Second Rebuilding year.

    Forward: McDavid 15m, Mathews 16m, Marner 16m, Rantanen 12m, Aho 12m. and 7 ELC Rookies: J.Hughes, Dach, Zadina, Frost, Zegras, Turcotte, Caufield.

    On Def I got: Klingberg 6m, McAvoy 4m and 4 ELC Rookies Q.Hughes, Boqvist, T.Smith and Seider. Goalie: Hart, Demko.

    In Spares I have . Tavares 16m and Andreas Johnsson 5m

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