EDIT: League is full, thanks!

A buddy and I are creating a free keeper hockey league on Yahoo and are currently in the process of recruiting members. We've been in hockey leagues together the past few years, but really want to expand into a deep keeper league with active members.

League highlights:

  • 16 teams
  • H2H points, weekly matchups
  • 28-man rosters (20 starters, 8 bench spots, 4 IR spots)
    • Starters: 3 F, 3 C, 3 LW, 3 RW, 6 D, 2 G
    • No designated prospect bench
    • Maximum of 3 active goalies on each team (if a goalie is on IR, you can pick up another goalie)

  • Each team gets to choose up to 16 keepers every year
    • 12-round draft every year to fill out rosters, rookies are in the same draft

  • Waivers and daily roster locking are Yahoo standards
  • Matchup acquisition limit: 5 player adds per 7-day matchup
  • ProBoards in the works for communication: http://emhl.boards.net/
    • We're open to changing point scoring and other rules down the road, and ProBoards seems like the best place to talk about it.
    • Also open to starting a GroupMe

  • Targeted draft date is about a week from now, Sunday, January 12th.


  • Plus/Minus is not counted
  • Skater scoring:
    • Goals: 3 pts
    • Assists: 2 pts
    • Power Play Pts: 1 pt
    • PIMs: 0.2 pts
    • Short Handed Goals: 2 pts
    • Faceoffs Won: 0.1 pts
    • Shots on Goal: 0.4 pts
    • Hits: 0.2 pts
    • Blks: 0.2 pts

  • Goalie scoring:
    • Wins: 3.5 pts
    • Losses: -2 pts
    • Goals Against: -1 pt
    • Saves: 0.3 pts
    • Shutouts: 3 pts

League link/full settings here: https://hockey.fantasysports.yahoo.c...24331/settings
We're looking for any hockey fans who would be interested in joining the beginning of our league with the hopes that the league will be around long-term. If you would like to join, shoot me a PM or comment below!
Thanks for reading!