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    Made it into the finals. Lots of big decisions to make. As always, any thoughts are greatly appreciated, and I'll rep anyone that I can. I understand there's a lot of info here, but even if you just want to help out at one or two positions, that's awesome. PPR.

    Current lineup:
    QB- Wentz
    RB- Fournette
    RB- M. Gordon
    WR- M. Thomas
    WR- J. Jones
    WR- DJ Moore
    Flex - Robert Woods (M. Mack on bench)
    TE - Austin Hooper (T. Higbee on bench)
    DST - Eagles
    K - Butker

    QB: Carson Wentz vs. DAL (available B. Mayfield vs. BAL, Trubisky vs. KC, Minshew @ATL, Haskins vs. NYG, Dalton @MIA, Grier @IND, Goff @SF, Darnold vs. PIT, Carr @LAC) - Unless someone gets dropped, this is a pretty horrifying list of choices. I hate going with Wentz the way PHI has been playing, but maybe the big matchup will bring the best out of him? Do I pray for a big Dalton game against MIA?

    RB: Fournette @ATL, M. Gordon vs. OAK, M. Mack vs. CAR - I can start two here. Fournette is a must given volume, but I'm unsure about the second option. I've been starting Gordon every week, but after his fumble marathon last week, I'm afraid he'll continue to lose touches. Do I dare start Mack over him in a good matchup?

    TE: Austin Hooper vs JAX vs. Tyler Higbee @SF - I've started Hooper over Higbee two weeks in a row and regretted it both times. However, now the matchup is back in Hooper's favor by a long shot. Do I bank on the Rams trailing and Higbee racking up the garbage time, or do I go talent in a good matchup and keep Hooper in?

    D/ST: Eagles vs. DAL (available Broncos vs. DET (already claim in) Falcons vs JAX (secondary claim in), Jets vs. PIT, Chiefs @CHI) - I'll be dropping the Eagles defense for whoever I get. I like the Broncos matchup, but the others aren't bad either. Any preference?

    Flex: I have to bench either the RB not chosen above (Gordon or Mack), Robert Woods @SF, or DJ Moore @IND. Who is the odd man out? Moore wouldn't even be on this list if it wasn't for the QB change. Currently, I have the two WRs in my lineup, and Mack on the bench.

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    I am by no means an NFL expert, but I like Mack vrs Carolina more than Gordon versus Oakland.

    The QB options are terrible; I'd stick with Wentz. I wouldn't want a QB who's in a meaningless game, and I'm not touching Goff vs 49ers or Trubinsky vs (insert any team here).

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    I just added Mike Boone and Deandre Washington. Which two RBs are you starting now? Fournette/Mack/Gordon/Boone/Washington

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