Ugh. Semis in 2 leagues but heartbreak in my main one.

Semis 0.5 PPR

I had $40 left in FAAB and my opponent needed a QB and potentially a Jacobs replacement and only had $9 left. So I bid $10 on 3 different QBs and $10 on Washington on Oakland . I have issues...I know

Start 3

Emmanual vs Atl
Pascal @ NO on MNF
Lindsay @ KC
James Washington vs Buf on SNF (Juju out)

Heartbreak League

As mentioned in another thread. Highest scoring by 60, projected to win by 30, lost by 0.8. It's ok though, Lamar and Balt DST only gave me 45.08 in my 5th place matchup so I should win that handily. Making this pointless but oh well....

Start 2

Deebo vs Atl
Parker @ NYG
White @ Cin