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    So the WWE has always promoted their big 4 Pay-per-views as Wrestlemania, Summerslam, The Royal Rumble and Survivor Series. I have always thought that Survivor Series was the weakest of the 4 and that the WWE should drop Survivor Series as one of the “Big 4”, and replace it with Money in the Bank. Survivor Series just never mattered. Smackdown versus Raw? Who cares...

    However... For the first time ever, they are promoting this Survivor Series as Smackdown versus Raw versus NXT, and I am super excited. I have always loved what NXT brings. They focus less on promos and more on fantastic matches. Everyone always gives their all. Raw and Smackdown are regularly guilty of being lazy. Lazy writing. Lazy performances. Lazy promos. AEW has pushed the WWE this year, and I expect NXT to have a great showing at Survivor Series. The build up and crossover between the three brands has been awesome.

    It all starts tonight with NXT Wargames. Then tomorrow we get Survivor Series. I am super pumped.


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    Default Re: Survivor Series

    It does look like a pretty great card. I'm pumped as well.

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