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Thread: Have to drop one - Koskinen or Blackwood?

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    Default Have to drop one - Koskinen or Blackwood?

    Koskinen has four more fan points in our yahoo league over Mac. Wins, saves, shutouts. So itís pretty close although Koskinen hasnít suffered many losses this year. I worry about the Devils, especially if/when they lose Hall.

    Would you think one of these goalies is more valuable the rest of the way or am I splitting hairs?

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    Default Re: Have to drop one - Koskinen or Blackwood?

    I'm confused - you talk about "the rest of the way" but also about losing Hall. Is this a one year league or keeper? If this is a keeper, I'd probably go with Koskinen, but for just this year Blackwood, since Hall likely won't be going anywhere, or if he does it won't be until the deadline.
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    Default Re: Have to drop one - Koskinen or Blackwood?

    For this year I'd keep Koskinen.
    Watching both teams NJ looks like a mess, it's only 20 games into the season so maybe they make some changes and turn around their season.
    Blackwood should see more starts than Kosk but I'm not sure THIS YEAR he will get more wins though.
    If it was a keeper league and you were looking for next year and going forward I would then go with Blackwood.

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