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Thread: Week 12 QB/TE/DST Issues (Rep)

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    Default Week 12 QB/TE/DST Issues (Rep)

    Hey all - this is probably my strangest week yet. Tons of viable options on waivers, but not much to drop on my roster. My choices this week may impact the rest of my season. As always, I'll rep thought out answers. PPR.

    QB: Carson Wentz (vs SEA), Nick Foles (@TEN) - rostered. Available in waivers - Baker Mayfield (vs MIA), Sam Darnold (vs OAK, clears waivers Fri)....What's the play here? Currently have Wentz starting with Foles on the bench, waiting for juicier matchups coming up. But, Mayfield is so enticing against Miami. Would you drop either of my QBs and risk losing them down the stretch for Mayfield this week? Or, I can wait and try to get Darnold on waivers (clears Friday), who also has an amazing end of year schedule.

    TE: Austin Hooper (injured), Dallas Goedert (vs SEA) - rostered. Available in waivers - Gerald Everett (vs BAL, waivers), Vance Macdonald (@CIN, waivers), Cameron Brate (@ATL)...Another confusing situation. Obviously, Hooper is in if he plays, but I don't think he does. Currently, I have Goedert starting, but Everett and MacDonald clear waivers later this week. Brate is also available after a huge game last week. Do I ditch Goedert for any of these guys?

    D/ST - SF vs. GB or CLE vs. MIA - I have both of these rostered. Do I go skill, or matchup?

    Big thanks!

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    Default Re: Week 12 QB/TE/DST Issues (Rep)

    I want Baker here. Miami this week and great schedule down the stretch. Bengals and Cards in Rounds 1 and 2 of playoffs (assuming you don't play Week 17).

    Hooper if he plays. Are Griffin or Hollister not available? If not I would keep Goedert.

    Browns again. Stay away from Rodgers on SNF coming off a bye.

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