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Thread: Major RB/WR Decisions, Need A Win (Rep!)

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    Default Major RB/WR Decisions, Need A Win (Rep!)

    So, despite being a few points off the pace for most points scored in the league, I'm in 4th place and struggling to keep pace in the playoff race (as happens every year). I have an embarrassment of riches at RB, but need to make sure I make all of the right decisions. PPR. First, RB...

    Start 2 + 1 at Flex
    Melvin Gordon vs. KC
    L. Fournette @IND
    M. Mack vs. JAX
    T. Coleman vs. ARI
    B. Hill @CAR

    Currently have Gordon and Fournette at RB, and Mack at Flex. All three are very much lead backs, but a lot of outlets love Coleman this week. I'm just sick of him always splitting carries. Doesn't matter if they're on their 8th string RB - they'd share carries with Coleman. Mack gets a ton of work, but if they fall behind, he does nothing. JAX has been bad, but Foles could ball out? Also, Hill seems to be a distant 5th on most outlets, but Ryan loves checking down.

    Then, at WR, I have to choose between DJ Moore (vs ATL) and Robert Woods (vs CHI) again. Matchup wise, it's gotta' be Moore. But, do I consider Woods as a flex over Mack or the other RBs? I don't think so, personally.

    So, currently have Gordon/Fournette/Mack/Moore in, and Coleman/Hill/Woods out. What say you? I'll rep thought out answers!

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    Default Re: Major RB/WR Decisions, Need A Win (Rep!)

    If Freeman is out, I'd probably go with Hill in the flex. LA has Chicago and you have to expect they try and get Kupp more involved after last week. I agree that Breida being out probably just means that SF may choose to get Mostert and Wilson rushes. Mack is the safer pick, but looking at what CAR has given up to RBs the last few weeks, I'd gamble on Hill.

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    Default Re: Major RB/WR Decisions, Need A Win (Rep!)

    Man that is a tough one.

    First of all I like Moore > Woods and I like Coleman least out of the RB. They are just incapable of giving it to 1 RB. Sounds like Breida is out but even last week they started getting Mostert involved.

    I am not in Full PPR (only half), but I think I would go



    Mack (barely over Woods and only because of the Bears. Should be a slog).

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