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    Default DeAngelo

    Given what we’ve seen from Tony D so far, what can we expect the rest of the year? Coming years?

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    Default Re: DeAngelo

    He was on Pace for 40 points last year so (hopefully) 40 - 50 this year with increased PP time

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    He is trending up sor sure. I owned him last year and was anticipating an upstick in his overall performance coming in to this year. Dispite all the Trouba talk, DeAngelo is the better Point man. Fox will likely be his only competition for PP time moving forward.
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    Default Re: DeAngelo

    I think Troube will put up more points then him this season. Though not by much.
    I expect DeAngelo to finish in the mid 40's. I would love it to be 50 pts or better; that comes next season.

    His final 36 games last season he had 21 pts.

    As of last night's game he is on pace for a 69 pt season. Unlikely to hold all season long. Also NYR are in a weird spot as a team.

    Though I don't think Fox is going to run at DeAngelo's pp time. He may cut more into Trouba's pp time; hopefully.

    As this NYR team develops more together and the young guns cement their spots. I see DeAngelo being a consistent 55 pts or more dman.

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    Default Re: DeAngelo

    I've always liked DeAngelo and he seems to really be hitting his stride of late. If he can avoid suspensions for abusing officials going forward, he's a nice player to own.

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