First off i want to Compliment the Staff of Dobber Sports on the vast information i have found on the site. Great Job.

I find myself every year getting involved more and more in Hockey Pools ( some of different formats) but increasing over the years.

The ones that are most challenging for me, is the ones that change on a weekly basis. So i guess what i am looking for is what tools would be best for me, here, or elsewhere on the net.

What my Pool entails is.

-12 players picked every week ( 6 forwards, 4 D-men and 2 Goalies)
-Players are graded on a point system from 1-4 ... 4 being the most expensive and 1 being the least
-I have to pick my 12 picks to not go over 30 grade points
- each week runs from Monday to Sunday
- Point are goals-1 / assists-1 / goalie win-2 / goalie shut out-3
- all players from the NHL can be chosen by anyone
- total amount in this pool is over 40000 people

Is there a tool on this site that would help in this type of system? And/or is there one that can be modified to spit out the top picks with this customized point system?