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Thread: Generate ranking unsolved issue

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    Default Generate ranking unsolved issue

    Taylor hall still doesn't show up in the top 200 any time I create rankings with current season or season with dobber projections

    Submitted a ticket with multiple emails and no one even acknowledged the issues or responds

    Seeming like lost money buying all these features at this point unless anyone has any answers in here 👍

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    Try reaching out to Dobber directly either here or TwItter. He's usually good at following up.
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    Default Re: Generate ranking unsolved issue

    This sounds like the same issue I'm having where if I try to get ranking for the current season (10/2/19 thru today or most recent date), it pulls data from the previous season- my rankings show players with over 90 games played. Taylor Hall missed a majority of last season so if it's pulling data from last season, he'd be ranked pretty low I assume.

    I got a response by submitting a ticket through the Support link, but still no resolution unfortunately.

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