Ive seena lot of worst/funniest offer threads- things like that. This one doesnt have to be the "worst ever" or even a clear loss in terms of player value. Im talking about something that might have even been sound at the time- but has set your team back definitively.

For me its pretty unequivocal and its that exact type where the motivation was good and the player values were fine (on paper anyways- lol!).

I think my team is a contender and the way I describe it as basically being built from the net out. I had two workhorses in MAF and Andersen- my Defense is built around EK but has an impact player in every slot in a league where some guys are rostering like Nutivaara (14 teams, 5 starting D plus bench)- my "worst" guy was Gustaafson (Chi) with Hronek as my bench option. After that I didnt have a lot of superstars but I had a strong "starting line" in Hall/Ziba/Tarasenko and again very balanced scoring all the way down with some great dollar deals to balance out the bottom of my roster- Kase/Coleman and even an emerging Olofsson to give me some more talent cred- lol!

With that in mind I moved:


So the Good:

Hoffman has been excellent. With a healthy Trochek and managing to stay on as the triggerman for PP1 hes not only doing well hes basically pacing my whole team with his usual sog contributions to boot. Perron has been good too and I count that as a plus because I never actively want a team to get worse when trading with me. If its a win/win we can keep a good trade rapport for down the line. perron still isnt a shooter and for the price difference I got that shot volume so Im happy.

The Bad:

So its one thing to have a win/win its quite another to have to acknowledge youve traded the leagues best goalie so far- lol! Start volume counts for a lot in our format based on wins and saves and after that SO he just posted Flower is leading the league in saves- lol! I had a big decision on guys like Hall and Flower because Im going for it this year but I also am not deep enough to just absorb Halls raise and/or the inevitable age related decline of a 36 yo tendy. I struggled with this one but the motivation seemed solid. Im really kicking myself though because Im in the mddle of my second straight loss and this one will be due to losing every single goalie cat...

The Ugly:

Mineesota has been awful. My thinking was that Dubnyk wouldnt be great but between the Wild being a fringe playoff team and not really having any other options at all- he'd be good for a "save-heavy" 30ish wins. GAA and SV% should be reasonable and Id have Andersen to prop him up a bit. In fact the logic was that Id be on the lower side of average for those two but that I should be set yup nicely to be favored for wins and saves most weeks. That hasnt happened. Dubnyk and Minny have been awful. Andy just pulled off his second victory? Scnhneider has no wins either. Not only does Elvis have no wins- he got shell shcoked in his first game so badly that pundits are quickly trying to hide the evidence of all those bold reccomendations they made in regard to him- lol! In his defense he made a bold claim himself in saying he was counting his last game as his "official start"- and played much better with one goal against (the other was an empty netter when they were behind 2-1. So if youre keeping track- thats three and a half starters- with two wins. Thats right. Two. Wins. Wow. Just wow. I traded the winningest/savingest goalie in the league and am staring down the barrel of two wins going into week 4 of the season. F my L (league :P).