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Thread: Bad Trade Vetos/GM Treatment

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    Default Re: Bad Trade Vetos/GM Treatment

    If the GM is losing deals with everyone you cant do much except let them know and offer to review their deals before they go through. They either have to learn on their own or maybe with some help.

    If the bad deals are only with certain teams I would also note this when talking to the GM. Smarten up or get booted.

    Either way Id say a conversation with the GM is in order to find out what they are thinking or trying to accomplish.

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    Default Re: Bad Trade Vetos/GM Treatment

    I've got one new GM in my league who is super active and loses most trades. I just started giving him feedback on each one, reminding him of things to consider and helping him see what is and is not of value. Also have offered to give unbiased advice of trade offers he's not sure of, which he's taken me up on a few times. Hopefully they learn this way.
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    Default Re: Bad Trade Vetos/GM Treatment

    I've been this guy. This is definitely a situation where more information is better to try and glean insight.

    However, that "I've been this guy." is also intentionally vague.

    I've been the guy who was commissioner when things looked like collusion. Amazingly, I had proof once, because I heard them discussing a player swapping kind of thing at a work function so the one team who was far out of it could get a boost to reach the playoffs from the undefeated team could send him some starter-caliber non-elite guys, and then they'd swap again with the other team winning the trade at the deadline.

    I've also been the guy who doesn't know what he's doing, but that was an incorrect hot take by a commissioner. I just had strange positional values compared to what people expected, but it was IDP football with huge active (19) and full team (40ish) rosters which makes things odd.

    I will try to help figure stuff out if I can.
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    Default Re: Bad Trade Vetos/GM Treatment

    Hi everyone,

    Really appreciate the insight, feedback and recommendations. Our pool includes a tight knit group of guys that work very, very well together, and have been together for a long time. This GM is newer to the league, but is no exception and does bring a great character to our regular chat and banter. I appreciate that he is active and likes to roll the dice, but when every trade is a loss, and GM's know how to pillage his team, it creates a rift and less competition. I am going to take some of the advice provided here to try and right the ship. If progress isn't made, I likely just need to bite the bullet and ask he look for other options. No need to post the trades to be honest, I know 100% that there is no collusion occurring in this situation. Just a matter of a GM who doesn't quite know his fantasy assets. I will do what I can to give him that fair shot!

    Thanks all
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