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Thread: Win Playing Poorly or Lose Playing Great ?

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    Default Win Playing Poorly or Lose Playing Great ?

    You're a coach of an NHL team.
    You watch your team play poorly on Wednesday night and win 6-3. You got lucky and your goalie was pretty good. Whatever.
    Next Wednesday, the reverse happens. Your team played great, but the other team was lucky and the goalie bailed them out. You lose 6-3.

    On which night are you happier as their coach ?

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    Default Re: Win Playing Poorly or Lose Playing Great ?


    The video says it all.

    I will be happier with the win while playing badly. But I will be less satisfied and realize that there needs to be things worked on before the next game.

    Whereas if the team plays good and loses, there will be less changes that need to be made and less stress going into the next game.

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    Default Re: Win Playing Poorly or Lose Playing Great ?


    Yesterday's weirdness is tomorrow's reason why. - H.S.T.

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    Default Re: Win Playing Poorly or Lose Playing Great ?

    Quote Originally Posted by lucafen4 View Post

    Nailed it. Even with my beer league team this is how I feel.
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    Default Re: Win Playing Poorly or Lose Playing Great ?

    You want the win. You stress the good effort, and the random breaks.

    Note that if your team or the other team includes Hasek or a similar style/quality goalie, you should expect this to happen regularly. God those Sabre teams were fun to watch.
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    Default Re: Win Playing Poorly or Lose Playing Great ?

    Process > Results

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    Default Re: Win Playing Poorly or Lose Playing Great ?

    This is pretty dependent on who you are and the chances for each scenario

    Ottawa wants to Lose playing great.
    Toronto wouldn't be that upset going 82-0 playing terrible, but neither would Ottawa.

    If option A is 98% likely, and option B is 2% likely, then Ottawa would be ok with losing playing great. But if you have an equal chance at both scenarios, teams wanna win.
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    Default Re: Win Playing Poorly or Lose Playing Great ?

    Easily playing great and losing. You will win more in the long run this way. The alternative is chaos, which is fine, if you're a nutbar.
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