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Thread: Keller Trade

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    Default Keller Trade

    Im a big keller fan AND he solves my C problem- lol! other owner said hes interested in Ghost, Hronek, Hamliton, Elvis and Terry to get a deal done. Hes hugely in contention especially if he can get a legit goalie and a D anchor- his forwards are stacked- seriously kellers like his 10th best forward- lmao!! Im a little jelly :P

    Anyways being in contention I threw Hornqvist into the mix for Johnsson (TO- so he gets a functional vet that can help and I add a bit of upside after losing Elvis and Ghost. Please keep in mind Ghosts contract status adds a ton of value. He needs 45 to hit the performance that cap hit warrants- actually close to 40 with his peripherals. The 50-55 hes projected for is absolute money in the bank. I asked for Ekholm back. my D is a strong suit but Im not under any delusions that last year wasnt an outlier. i feel like its a 15-20 point hit with even more in the peripherals but eventually kellers breakout would counter that. Elvis I still like but Ive got Andersen, Dubnyk and Schneider with Montembault on my farm who I might promote.

    Elvis/Ghost/Qvisty (Not doing the other inormal spelling :P)

    Is this a win/win?? Its hard to lose Ghost and Elvis but they come from positins Im deep at. Im a huge huge keller fan and short at C. He becomes my 2C (which id be giddy about!!!)- Ziba/Keller/Kadri- aww man- its like a real center rotation!!

    Is it a win for him? Dont want to damage our trade rapport. This honestly feels like a win/win. I mean I know Elvis is agamble but a)he inquired about him and b)the payoff is huge if he hits. Thoughts???
    14 team cap league (30 mil above nhl)
    Daily Changes- 3c 3rw 3lw 3 forward flex 5d 2g 8bn ir+
    Weekly hth - g a p ppp shp pim sog +/- gwg - w sv% so gaa saves
    27 man farm team - no cap - junior team can hold prospects to up till 3 years
    C Ziba Kadri Hino
    Rw Tarasenko Gallagher Hornqvist
    Lw Hall Forsberg Evander
    Flex Forward- Perron, Kreider T Johnson
    D Karlsson Krug Hamilton Ghost Gustaafson
    G Andersen Fleury
    BN Coleman Terry Kase Lehkonen Maroon Hronek Mrazek Merzlikins
    Farm Kovalchuk Hartman Jarnkrok Sekera Mikheyev Nygard Sturm Palve Vanek
    Rooks Olofsson HoSang Marody Persson
    Cap 111.5

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    Default Re: Keller Trade

    I do like Elvis but you do have Montembault to bring up. I don't have a problem at all getting rid of Gostibehere and Hornqvist to get Keller who you plus Johansson and Ekholm. I'd give it a go.

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