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    I've been rolling with Wentz in a 6 pt TD league, but I hate his matchup this week. Between a tough defense, and a Thursday night game, I'd love to bench him, but the options are slim. Anybody here worth picking up and starting over Wentz?

    Keenum (@NYG)
    Rudolph (CIN)
    Mariota (@ATL)
    Dalton (@PIT)
    Minshew (@DEN)
    Trubisky, Carr, Rosen, Flacco, Cousins, etc.

    Thanks all.

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    Yikes. Minshew if the match-up was better, Keenum if we knew he'd finish the game. I'd probably go with Dalton here.

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    Given those options I would start Wentz.

    Dalton on prime time is dreadful.

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    Hopefully you went with Wentz
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