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Thread: Acquiring Marchessault

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    Default Acquiring Marchessault

    A team in my salary cap dynasty has wandered into cap troubles and one of the guys he's shopping is marchessault. Not only am I a fan- I'm short a c to boot. We start 3 C's and I've got three on my roster with Hartman as a 4th whose more if an injury replacement. Adding at least one would be big.

    My cap situation is no picnic either but I'm looking at maybe moving kreider for Ritchie and futures which would hopefully get me under if I do this.

    My offer:

    Hronek, Ho-Sang, Maroon and a 3rd this year.

    Hronek is the main piece. Productive cheap dmen are gold in this league and he's got legit upside. Ho-Sang is what he is- a promising dart to throw- but it at least buys him time while he figures his roster out. Maroon is deceptively good especially at 900k. Our league counts pims and shp. 30 points plus pims, sho and more than his fair share of aogs for his toi. I know he sounds like a throw in but I actually don't want to include him- lol! The third is something the other owner recommended when we were discussing a return. I'm in talks to acquire it. If not I proposed a 2nd in 2022.

    In any case I'm a big marchy fan and he instantly becomes my 2c or even 1b with ziba.

    14 team cap league (30 mil above nhl)
    Daily Changes- 3c 3rw 3lw 3 forward flex 5d 2g 8bn ir+
    Weekly hth - g a p ppp shp pim sog +/- gwg - w sv% so gaa saves
    27 man farm team - no cap - junior team can hold prospects to up till 3 years
    C Ziba TJ Kadri
    Rw Tarasenko Gallagher Pacioretty
    Lw Hall Forsberg Evander
    Flex Perron, Kreider, Troy Terry
    D Karlsson Krug Hamilton Ghost Gustaafson
    G Andersen Flurry
    BN Hinnestroza Jarnkrok Lehkonen Valiardi Maroon Djoos Quick Mrazek
    Notable prospects and farm- Vanek B3mmstrom Mierzlikins Kovalchuk
    Cap 109 out of 109

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    Default Re: Acquiring Marchessault

    If you could get March for that, I'd be all over it. That said, he plays wing to W. Karlsson. There should be real concern he loses his C position status. (not sure why he has it to begin with)
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