I owned some picks from last yr from tanking, so that’s why I have guys that seem to have dropped. Here’s my league info/team:
10-team PPR, keep 4/5 (keep 5, forfeit your first round pick). Keepers in Bold
QB, 3WR, 2RB, TE, Flex, K, DEF, 8BN

Bell, Cooper, Thielen, Brandin Cooks, Kittle

Rounds 1-5 were my keepers
6th round (53rd) – Edelman (WR)
7th round (63rd) – Lindsay (RB)
8th round (73rd) – Coleman (RB)
8th round (80th) – Watson (QB)
10th round (92nd) – Freeman (RB)
10th round (93rd) – Breida (RB)
10th round (94th) – Chicago (DEF)
10th round (96th) – Henderson Jr. (RB)
11th round (103rd) – Brees (QB)
11th round (108th) – McCoy (RB)
12th round (112th) – Darwin Thompson (RB) – Dropped for DK Metcalf
12th round (113th) – Golden Tate (WR)
18th round (177th) – Crosby (K)

QB(1) – Watson, Brees
WR(3) – Cooper, Thielen, Cooks, Metclaf, Tate
RB(2) – Bell, Lindsay, Coleman, Freeman, Breida, Henderson Jr., McCoy
TE(1) – Kittle
Flex(1) – Edelman
K(1) – Crosby
DEF(1) - Chicago