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Thread: My Deepest Apologies to DobberNation

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    Default My Deepest Apologies to DobberNation

    I figured the football community of Dobber at least needs an explanation for my absents.

    After breaking my ankle, I had a week of in a temporary cast, and went into the orthopaedic surgeon a week after to get his evaluation on it. Sad it was fine, put me in a walking boot and sent me on my way. A day later, my foot has exploded in swelling to the point it looks like a cartoon foot. I go back into emergency and turns out a loose bone fragment had torn muscle apart and caused a lot of internal bleeding. Went in for surgery to stop it, came out fine luckily. Was put on Oxy's for pain post surgery. This is where the story starts to fall. I won't get into details, but I can understand why people get crazy addicted to them. Was like 4 weeks on them, and once I was off, it was tough. I'm back now with a clear head.

    I 100% failed this football league. I don't know how to fix it, because slow draft is always a lot of fun, but I don't know if there's time for that. With the Long Weekend coming up, I'm sure people aren't free. On a positive note, at least no one drafted Luck?

    Also, I discovered 90 Day Fiance being off work, and it's so bad it's good. Always some positives in things. But again, I'm really sorry for failing the football league.
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    Default Re: My Deepest Apologies Dobber

    Health comes first, football leagues are hundred of rungs down the importance list. Sorry to hear you had a tough time with things, but hopefully the leg is healing well, and glad your head is clear again.

    Plenty of ways around dealing with a draft, be it on a weekend, missing week one, or anything else of that sort.
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    Default Re: My Deepest Apologies Dobber

    Head up 2014OG. Glad you got things straightened out.

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    Default Re: My Deepest Apologies to DobberNation

    I changed the thread title a bit... (I was seriously worried about relationship between you & Dobber himself, based on original title).
    Hope you don't mind.

    And - hope things go better for you, going forward 2014og.
    We missed you.

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    Default Re: My Deepest Apologies to DobberNation

    Damn dude. I don't follow anything football related but on a personal note you seem like a great guy and I'm glad to hear that things are falling back into place for you. Like you said a lot of people don't realize how close to home opioid issues can be. I'm glad to hear that you are a success story and I wish you all the strength in the world going forward.

    Take care.
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    Default Re: My Deepest Apologies to DobberNation

    Glad you are on the up and up!
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