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Thread: Kuch vs Aho+ picks

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    Default Kuch vs Aho+ picks

    Second league in sig is it up to date however my 3 keepers right now are Kuch Dahlin and Vasilevski. I have been offered aho plus 2 first and 1 second for 2020. I have no picks until 5th round as I went for it before we changed to 3 keepers which will grow to 4 next year. Is it a good deal to have a 4 keeper next year of kuch and whatever leftover I can get in round 5..... or get aho and be able to draft a player such as bob, monohan, guentzel, tarasenko, MThachuck? It is a 14 team league
    10 Team Full Keeper.
    Goals:3, Assist:2, PPP/SHP: 1, Hit: .2, Sog: .2 ,Blocks: .2
    Win:3, Shutout: 2, Save: .2, GoalAgainst: -1

    Forwards: Gadreau, Monohan, Draisaitl,
    P.Kane,Pastranek,Panarin,Bergeron,Voracek,Kuznetso v,huberdeau

    Defence: Hamilton,Doughty,Josi ,Ghost

    Goalies: Bob,Helleybuck,Rittich

    Farm: Kratsov,Q.Hughes, Suzucki, Whalstrom, puljarvi

    Head to Head points based. Keep 3F,2D,1G
    Goals2,Assist1,Gwg1,Hatrick3,ShG1,SGWG1,Pim.2,+/- .5, Ppg1,Shg2

    F: Gadreau,Ehlers,Johansen

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    Default Re: Kuch vs Aho+ picks

    keep kuch. Even if adding a keeer spot. I am sure you can figure out how to trade during the season for an asset better than what you will get in the 5th round.

    Aho will be great but does he have kuch upside, donít think so
    18 team H2H Keeper League
    play 4c/8w/6d/1G (2min start)/6 bench/(P) = Prospect eligible
    C: Hughes(P), Zacha, Howden(P), D. Shore, compher, Tierney
    W: Gaudreau, Schwartz, M.Tkachuk, Fabbri, M.Rasmussen(P),Okposo, Steen, Heinen, M.Folingo, Aberg(P), Kahun(P)
    D: Hughes(P),Ceci, Pelech, oleksiak, Holden, Benn
    G: Markstrom, Kinkaid,
    P:Bowers,Heponiemi,Kupari,Wise,Dorofeyev,Firstov,C larke,Fortin,Nygard,Frederic,Moutrey,Elynuik,M.Jon es,Chlapik,Yamamoto,Platzer,Bracco,Foegele,Kuokkan en,Lind,R.Mantha,Pedan,Liljegren,Poolman,J.Roy,Mon tembeault,Oettinger,Raaymakers,Woll

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    Default Re: Kuch vs Aho+ picks

    I don't even consider trading a stud like Kuch without knowing *exactly* what I'm getting back. Draft picks are fine to balance out most other deals but they are ''maybes''. You don't trade a top five player for maybes.
    12 Team Fantrax Weekly H2H
    19-Man Roster, 8 Keepers, Minors (<150 NHL Games Kept Free)
    Pos: 3xC / 3xLW / 3xRW / 3xD / 2xG / 1xUtil / 4xBench / 3xIR
    Scoring: (G=1) (A=1) (W=2) (SO=1) (SV=0.01)

    2019-20 Lineup (Projected keepers BOLD, *Minors Eligible)

    C: McDavid, MacKinnon, Pettersson
    LW: Panarin, DeBrincat (RW), Marchessault (C)
    RW: Boeser, Nylander (C), Mantha (LW)
    D: Hedman, Klingberg, Theodore
    G: Vasilevskiy, Bobrovsky
    Bench: Niederreiter, Bjorkstrand, Makar*

    Prospects: Dube, Demko, Olofsson, Hoglander, Kaliyev, Persson, Prokhorkin, K'Andre Miller

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    Default Re: Kuch vs Aho+ picks

    As a Kuch owner, I would walk away from this and not look back. Not even close.

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    Default Re: Kuch vs Aho+ picks

    How many teams are in your league? In other words, how many total players are kept before drafting?

    Edit, just read the last line in your post. LOL!

    Is the two 1st round picks for this year and then one 2nd for next year? Where exactly are the 1st round picks?

    10 Team, Points Only, Cash League

    25 Man Roster (no position), top 20 point getters count at end of month
    Keep 20/25 at seasons end, Cut 5 to FA for redrafting
    Goalie points W=2pt L=-1pt SHO=2pt

    Stamkos, Tavares, JaBenn, Couture, Wheeler, Lee, Frolik, RThomas, Kucherov, Byfuglien, Burns, Zuccarello, Hoffman, JSchwartz, KPalmieri, KConnor, Necas, Bjorkstrand, Point, Konecny, MBacklund, NSchmaltz

    G- Vasilevskiy, Bobrovsky, Hart

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    Default Re: Kuch vs Aho+ picks

    Quote Originally Posted by Axeman33 View Post
    How many teams are in your league? In other words, how many total players are kept before drafting?

    Edit, just read the last line in your post. LOL!

    Is the two 1st round picks for this year and then one 2nd for next year? Where exactly are the 1st round picks?
    Thats what I want to know too. Actually it could be worth it.
    1-Year, 16-Team H2H
    4C, 4LW, 4RW 6D, 2G, 3BN 3 IR+
    C: McJesus,Zibanejad,Pettersson,Schenn
    RW: Draisaitl,Zucker, Mantha,J.Anderson

    LW: W.Karlsson,Dubois,Hintz,Lindblom
    D: Ristolainen,Provorov,Faulk,Niskanen,C.Miller,
    Larsson, Cole

    G: Hellebuyck,Gibson,Koskinen

    10 Team Keeper (6) H2H
    3 C, 2 LW, 2 RW, 4 D, 2 UTIL, 2 GOALIES
    C: Seguin,Scheifele, Barkov, Dubois, Duchene,
    Zibanejad, Trocheck

    LW: Benn, Rakell, Aho,Lee
    RW: Wheeler,Stone,Anderson
    D: Pietrangelo,Seth Jones,Weber,Faulk

    Devils & Predators fan

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