Asked about a depth deal with a new owner but he responded he's more interested in a Marquis player- Hall e Kane ghost tarasenko and ziba.

The problem is I'm competing this year in halls window and maybe next with maf as my 1b with Andersen.

Tarasenko- one of my favorite player and I love his sog floor. His cap isn't necessarily a bargain but it goes on so long it's going to look like a steal very soon imho (look at Nylander!!). I just have no interest in moving him. Hold.

E Kane- in our format (g a with no p, sogs, shp, and pins)- he ranks stupid high- like inside the top 20 on fhg. Contract same category as tank. Not only am I not motivated to move him 99% of poolers don't dig through fhg charts and I've never been offered anything remotely close to fair value. Hold.

Ziba- already a playdriving and sign machine- just added kakko and panarin as potential linemates and pp pals. Oh yea and he's signed forever at 5. Hold.

Ghost- imho anyone asking about ghost is banking on a rebound so part of the ask is the implication that it will be a buy low. I own ghost in all 4 leagues I'm in (only player I own like that )- and as such I'm banking on a rebound myself. His contract is sheer gorgeosiry to boot so I'm inclined to hold. He also completed a pretty sexy d core (5 active- Ek Hamilton Krug ghost and Gustafson with hronek on the bench and heed/sekera as affordable injury replacements on the farm). Soft hold.

Hall- so if I posted my team you'd see a rock solid defense with a top 3 goaltending carousel in most leagues (short term anyways). Where my team lacks is in elite level scoring- so moving hall is very difficult. Factor in that he's coming off an injury hampered year and I kind of doubt I'd get a fair offer anyways. That being said his 6 million is robbery right now but probably turns into a pumpkin by next year. Soft sell?

Can a team lacking high end offensive producers afford to move hall? His team is competing also- so that 6 million this year is nothing to sneeze at.

Players on his team I like are both tkachuks,
and Hintzz (although I worry about dogs) Donato caggiula and blackwood. He also owns Konecny but I get the feeling he's quite high on him. He also owns bishop. So debating offering maf or Mrazek with Bishop back as part of the ask.