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Thread: Give K. Allen for L. Fournette

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    Default Give K. Allen for L. Fournette

    PPR. Should I move Keenan Allen for Leonard Fournette? I'm sitting with 3 WR and 1 RB on my roster (Melvin Gordon, Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, Allen), so positionally it makes sense. I would also try to get a draft pick with it. Or do I stick with Allen? Need to decide later today, so will rep.

    It's worth noting that we start 2 RB, 3 WR and a flex, so it doesn't necessarily suck to have 3 good WR. But with Gordon as my only RB, I'm panicked for RB help.

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    How many teams and where are you slotted in the first round? Straight up that deal is no good for you, unless it's a 1/4 point per carry or you get amid first rounder back. I understand the nervousness re Gordon, but you're better off targeting Chris Carson, James White, or even Ekler if you think Gordon holds true to his word

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