It's about a month & a half out now & Z Nine Route has a few slots left for this 1st season in this ultra competitive new league that I league, play for a trophy, no trade deadline, full PPR, emphasis on a liberal waiver wire, special teams points matter, quarterback play matters...probably the best league for serious football fans who enjoy fantasy without gambling...not a keeper league yet but open to consider if this season is successful & everyone comes back next season. I'm an open minded guy who is trying to fashion the perfect league...I know that's not possible but we'll try right...the majority of the league managers are serious fantasy players with high winning percentages which doesn't mean that if you're younger or a woman or an older person seeing if you can compete with serious players (that aren't gambling) that you're not welcomed because YOU ARE...take a look at the rules/settings & if you like it join...the draft is at 8:30pm Central on 9/1 after the 'Turk' has made his rounds to cut players off of rosters so the teams will be full & players will have begun to be signed. Here's the link: