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Thread: Rank These 3 Centers

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    Default Rank These 3 Centers

    In a 16 team 9 keeper league with point only system with goals assists being 1 point and pp and overtime goals being 2 points who out of these three who would you rather have if you could only to have one to keep out of Scheifele, Eichel or Petterson going forward the next couple years.

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    Default Re: Rank These 3 Centers

    Ew, tough one.

    I'd say Scheifele is the odd man out for me here.
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    Default Re: Rank These 3 Centers

    Yeah....tough decision. i say Pettersson.
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    Default Re: Rank These 3 Centers

    Scheifele is certainly the odd one out for me.

    I think Petterson has the highest ceiling between him and Eichel, so I would go with him IMO.

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    Default Re: Rank These 3 Centers

    I want to say Eichel, but I can't fault an AP selection either. That being said, over the next four years it wouldn't surprise me if Scheifele has the most total points.
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    Default Re: Rank These 3 Centers

    For the next couple of years, Scheifele

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    Default Re: Rank These 3 Centers

    Man that is like asking what one of your kids you want to keep LOL and i cant decide... either Petterson or Eichel

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    Default Re: Rank These 3 Centers

    Eichel for me.
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    Wow this is tough... The Jets fan in me wants to say Fefe, but logically I know it's between the other two. Short-term Eichel but the long-term potential lies with Petterson.,
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    Default Re: Rank These 3 Centers

    This one feels like throwing darts, but I'll say Eichel > Pettersson > Scheifele. Winnipeg situation kinda worries me a bit with their current defense, so I think I'd probably choose between Eichel and EP.
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    Default Re: Rank These 3 Centers

    Pettersson for me, think he's right there with the others as soon as this season, if not then next. Just what he did with injuries, Boeser injured, and now with more help on the blue line. Think Canuck fans are in for a good time.
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    Default Re: Rank These 3 Centers

    If you have 9 keepers and 16 teams, I'd love to know who you are keeping that is causing you to drop EP and Scheifele. (I assume you can't trade either, since they are both easily keepers in your set up).

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    Default Re: Rank These 3 Centers

    I'm in the minority I suppose but I dont really view Pettersson in that company...

    My ranking:

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    Default Re: Rank These 3 Centers

    Short term: Eichel - Schiefele - Pettersson

    Long term: Eichel/Pettersson - Schiefele

    While I don't think Schiefele has quite hit his ceiling yet - I think he's got 85-90pts in him in a peak season with consistent play and no slumps - I think the other two guys have the higher potential and could have multiple 90+ point seasons in time. Eichel as soon as this coming season and Pettersson maybe a couple of years from now.
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    Default Re: Rank These 3 Centers

    I flipped a coin 10 times and the results are: 4 times the coin landed on Pettersson's name. 3 on Scheifele's name and the other 3 on Eichel's name..... so I'm going with Pettersson.
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