So I flipped TT soon after but wanted to make sure I got good value on Toffoli alone. I'ma fan of his (especially his sogs per minute) and didn't target him specifically to flip- traded because the other owner wanted affordable D and future late round picks which I felt I could spare:

Djoos a 3rd and 5th in 2020 and a 6th in 2021
For Toffoli Bear and Hayden

The trade boiled down to Djoos a third and a sixth to get toffoli. If I was going to keep him I thought that was value (ended up flipping him zacha and Dugan for Coleman and olofsson). Like I said I'm a fan but fitting in his salary would have been a struggle with sacrifice somewhere else on the roster. After that I figured Hayden and Bear had enough multi cat upside to warrant a 5th.

How I do?