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Thread: NFL proposes 18 game schedule

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    Default NFL proposes 18 game schedule

    18 games where each player can play a maximum of 16 games.

    I feel like the player limit being less than the total games schedule would cause a headache for lots of people (especially fantasy managers)

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    Default Re: NFL proposes 18 game schedule

    Such a terrible proposal. Even if the players can't play all the games, you're still putting way more wear and tear on them, because most guys miss a game or two anyway. We have an appropriate amount of football already, perhaps too much.
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    Default Re: NFL proposes 18 game schedule

    How long before the NHL proposes an 88-game schedule with players being capped at 82 games?

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    Default Re: NFL proposes 18 game schedule

    I think it is a great idea. It would give fans and pundits something to talk about. When is the coach going to rest the QB? Ab obvious benefit to players would be the rest they are given when injured. If you have a player who is questionable then he would obviously sit. I would think NFL fans would like this since they have more weeks of football. It would make fantasy football more interesting as well. Sign me up!
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    Default Re: NFL proposes 18 game schedule

    It's a really interesting idea. I remember hearing awhile back that Belichick had once proposed an idea of having certain linemen sign with the team 6 or 8 games into the season so that they were totally rested when the grind really started to take hold.

    I agree that the strategy of sitting various players would become quite complex, similar to when to use a back-up goalie but on a much bigger level. Could the top-end teams have a constant rotation of starters sitting in an effort to be competitive for all 18 games? As a bubble team would you be better off stretching your benched players out over a month or "punting" (pun intended) one game vs. an elite team??

    Players would probably initially be against the idea (especially stars) because they want to play every game but there would be some serious upside from the union's perspective:
    1. More regular season games = more money = higher salary cap = higher player pay.
    2. Rosters expanded = more playing opportunities for waiver wire talent.

    Owners would obviously want the additional revenue from regular season games. I hope and assume this would result in fewer pre-season games!

    The one major drawback is that the game over game product will be watered down as its not best on best for any particular regular season game. This would deflate your average regular season game but also probably lead to more hype around marquee games. I'd expect teams would roster their best roster for divisional opponents and other key matchups. Even an "unofficial" rule that teams put out top-rosters for MNF would help ratings for those key matchups.

    I think the money is there and the product would not be watered down a ton, this could happen in a few years....
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