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Thread: 2019 - 2020 Schedule Maximizer for Fantasy Hockey

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    Default 2019 - 2020 Schedule Maximizer for Fantasy Hockey

    Hey Everyone,

    So I post this on reddit, and a redditor asked me to throw it on here, so I thought I'd do so.

    Anyways here's the link, all calculation basis is at the bottom. Feel free to make your own copy off of this and edit as you please.

    2019-2020 Schedule Maximizer

    For those that dont know:
    The idea surrounding this is that if you are in a league where you can change your lineups daily, and it is a head to head format, drafting teams that play the most on "off-nights" (aka Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) gives you an advantage because you get more games played per fantasy week, which in turn increases the opportunity for getting stats.

    I generally think of it as a bit of a tiebreaker when thinking of trades or draft choices when actually performing the draft. For example: lets say I have two right wingers in my sights in the 4th round, one plays on Colorado and one plays on Nashville, I think they are relatively equal in value, but the fact that the Colorado player plays on additional off nights inherently makes him more valuable so I take him.


    1. Anaheim AGAIN leads the pack with 46 off nights
    2. EDM, WAS, COL, NYR look like good bets from a scheduling perspective
    3. MTL and NSH HURT as far as off nights go - definitely a draft at your own peril.
    4. Wednesdays are once again the least busy, followed by Monday , Friday and then Sunday.
    5. Saturday's again lead the pack
    6. EDM and STL have the least back to backs with 9; PIT and PHI have most with 17!!!!!


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    Default Re: 2019 - 2020 Schedule Maximizer for Fantasy Hockey

    Looks like a good tool, and welcome to the forums!

    We actually have some similar pieces put up by other members:

    There are also some season schedule bits and pieces over on goaliepost. When it updates for the new season it should be here:

    Hope this helps with your scheduling as well.
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