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Thread: 2019 Draft Class - list for Multi-Cat Leagues

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    Default 2019 Draft Class - list for Multi-Cat Leagues

    Title says it all. Points only is a bit more straightforward, and there are lots of resources covering draft lists for those leagues. But for multi-cat, it's a bit more tricky, I've found.

    For a league with G, A, PIMS, PPP, SOG, HIT, BLK... what's your list look like for the 2019 Draft Class?

    My initial thought is something like this:

    1) Kakko
    2) Hughes
    3) Byram
    4) Podkolzin
    5) Cozens
    6) Caufield
    7) Turcotte
    8) Dach
    9) Zegras
    10) Boldy
    11) Krebs
    12) Newhook
    13) Kaliyev
    14) Dorofeyev

    I'm not the most knowledgeable on the complete game of each of these players but thought I should start, haha. Not a huge shift from most lists, I don't think, but a degree of physicality moves Kakko, Podkolzin, Cozens, Dach a bit higher than others may have them. What does your list look like?

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    Default Re: 2019 Draft Class - list for Multi-Cat Leagues

    I think Sieder should crack that list or at least be 15. Other names that have some potential grit in no particular order


    I know there’s more that I can’t remeber atm. Happy drafting!

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    Default Re: 2019 Draft Class - list for Multi-Cat Leagues

    I'll share my own rankings for my multi-cat dynasty with C,LW,RW designations (categories in signature):

    1. Kakko
    2. Hughes
    3. Turcotte
    4. Byram
    5. Caufield
    6. Zegras
    7. Cozens
    8. Krebs
    9. Newhook
    10. Podkolzin
    11. Boldy
    12. Dach
    13. Tomasino
    14. Kaliyev
    15. Brink
    16. Dorofeyev
    17. Seider*
    18. Suzuki
    19. Robertson
    At this point, there are a bunch of guys with very similar value: Pelletier, McMichael, Poulin, Puistola, Hoglander, Grewe, Lavoie, etc.

    I think with most other leagues there is a very clear-cut top four, comprised of two smaller tiers. Obviously Kakko and Hughes are the top dogs, and should go 1-2 in every draft regardless of the categories. If your league values goals and has different positions (C,LW,RW), I would choose Kakko first overall since elite wingers are very hard to come by in the fantasy game.

    The second tier is comprised of Turcotte and Byram. Turcotte is easily the best F prospect after the top dogs, and boasts a very polished two-way game and excellent speed. He operates every part of the game at a high level, and he projects safely as a top-six two way center with big upside as a top-line scoring forward. His rate production blew away everyone not named Jack Hughes on the USNTDP. In 16 USHL games, Turcotte scored over 2 points-per-game racking up 34 points, and went off at about a 1.7 points-per-game clip during the rest of his USDP schedule. He's a high-end offensive player, and his all around game is very developed compared to his peers. As for Byram, I don't feel the need to really evaluate the best Dman in the class. I generally don't like to draft D highly in fantasy drafts, but he's got all-around scoring / peripheral potential, and he could be one of those true #1 Dmen in the NHL. The pure upside of the selection justifies his placement in the top4.

    Next, I've got Cole Caufield sorta in his own tier between Turcotte/Byram and guys like Zegras and Cozens. The deal here is just the immense goal scoring potential. In fantasy leagues like mine, generally the hardest thing to acquire are young, goal-scoring wingers. That's exactly what Caufield is going to bring to the NHL. His shot is absolutely elite, already high end NHL level. Probably the most impressive part of his game is the deception he plays with. He's not the fastest guy, and he's obviously a little tyke when it comes to size, but this guy has a great motor and uses his high-end hockey IQ to find lanes, edge into open spaces from which he can use his elite release to terrorize goaltenders. If he pairs with a solid playmaker at the NHL level, he is going to pile up goals similar to the way Alex DeBrincat has in Chicago.

    The next tier is the meatiest tier of the first round, highlighted by some USNTDP secondary scorers and WHL and Western Canadian centermen. I have Zegras topping out this tier for a couple reasons. First off, his playmaking ability is just insane. He thinks the game like few other players in this draft class, and he's probably the best pure playmaker after Hughes. His production in USHL competition (roughly 1.5 ppg) was significantly lower than the Hughes/Turcotte level, but he paces the rest of the USNTDP class in terms of pure production. Zegras can also be a chippy player, and is typically very engaged in the forecheck causing turnovers, which will help his peripheral stats (bonus if your league counts PIM). Finally, he's got a great shot that he could stand to utilize a bit more. If you check out his shift-by-shift and highlights, you'll see some absolute snipes.

    Next up, we've got three Canadian centers, and I think you could rank these guys in any order. I've got Cozens ahead of Krebs and Newhook largely because of his all-around game, size, and goal-scoring ability. He projects safely as a top-six scoring forward with good two-way ability and elite level skating. Krebs is more of a "heart and soul" player, but I hate to bet against guys like that. He showed incredibly well in the U18s when he finally had some talent to play with, and even wore the "C" for those guys - incidentally playing on a line with Cozens and Newhook. Savvy, playmaking, two-way center who just competes like crazy. Newhook, on the other hand, I think projects as more of a LW at the NHL level. He uses his speed to attack the slot, and has the hockey IQ and puck skills to find his teammates in dangerous positions. Newhook seems like a bit more of a shooter and goal-scorer than Krebs, but I just think Krebs all-around game projects easier to the grind of the NHL game. These guys are all very close, and picking any of the three would be justifiable in this position.

    Podkolzin is next up in this tier, and while I have some doubts about his offensive upside I just can't deny the package of skills this guy offers. He's been referred to as a "pitbull" on the ice: he attacks defenses like a buzzsaw, using his great hands and power/speed to lower the shoulder around defenders and take the puck to the net. He loves to throw the body, and he plays a responsible defensive game. He's also one of the youngest players in the draft. While I respect folks who have him lower on their draft boards, I just can't ignore the upside at this point in the draft. He should be jumping right into an NHL lineup after his KHL contract expires. As a winger with multi-cat upside, Podkolzin represents one of the most tantalizing choices for a multi-cat fantasy league.

    Next up, I've got Boldy who projects as a versatile, playmaking winger with a very polished all-around game who can play up and down the lineup. He was perhaps the most impressive USA forward at the U18 tournament, and he really impressed me there with his complete two-way game being so polished against the best of his peers. He boasts an underrated shot, but he is primarily known for his vision and playmaking ability. As for Kirby Dach, the last skater in this tier, I just don't buy the hype. Some games you'll watch the guy and he looks incredible, effectively using his size and underrated skating ability to simply dominate his opponents and feather soft passes to his teammates in dangerous positions ... other games you'll watch him and he's invisible. Additionally, he didn't really score a lot of goals (25 on the season, but several were the ENG variety) and I have some concerns about the agility he possesses at his size. It seemed like he had trouble changing directions and moving laterally after he built up a head of steam. This guy has serious upside, but the question marks were too many for me to place him ahead of guys like Krebs, Newhook, Podkolzin, or Boldy.

    These top-12 skaters are really the "top" tier of the draft, and have considerably more value than subsequent tiers, but there are still a few very intriguing names for fantasy purposes that can be snagged outside this range.

    Phil Tomasino is a guy I really like, and I debated whether to include him in the higher tier with the top12 guys. He's got a great all-around skill set, he can skate, make plays, score goals, and most impressively his 5v5 production was right up there with the more highly touted offensive options in the top end of the draft. He's going to be a player, probably a scoring winger at the NHL level. Next up, Kaliyev ... I feel like I could go on for hours just about this particular player, but let's just say that over the past 20 years, only 5 players have scored 50+ goals in the OHL as a first time draft-eligible player: Tavares, Stamkos, Skinner, DeBrincat, and now Kaliyev. That's some elite company, and once the more projectable prospects are off the board, I'm all over swinging for the upside here. Sort of reminds me of Phil Kessel.

    The last two guys in this tier were both very underrated in the NHL draft, with Brink going 34th and Dorofeyev being selected 79th!!! Fun fact, Brayden Point was also selected 79th overall and that seems to have worked out quite well for Tampa. As for Brink, the dude absolutely torched the USHL, with scoring rates comparable to some of the top-end USNTDP skaters not named Hughes/Turcotte. The dude put up 35 goals - 33 assists in 48 games, scoring at nearly a 1.6 ppg clip. He's also one of the youngest players in the draft, and won't even turn 18 until July 8th. His skating stride is pretty ugly looking, but he isn't slow and is able to use his agility / edge work to create space and open up lanes in the offensive zone. The skating isn't a huge concern for me, and this guy has legit first line upside. With respect to Dorofeyev, I think he just fell victim to playing in Russian juniors (MHL). Outside of the guys who make a big splash in international tournaments (Podkolzin at the Hlinka/Gretzky), it seems like Russian players typically suffer from most of the north american scouts not having enough viewings of the player. But just look at the guy's production compared with Podkolzin. Granted, we are dealing with small sample sizes for prospects in wildly different situations, but just take a look at these numbers: Dorofeyev scored 17 goals - 14 assists in 19 games at the MHL level ... for comparison, Podkolzin only managed 6 goals - 2 assists in 12 games in the MHL. It's not an apples-to-apples comparison, but damn if those numbers aren't impressive. Skating could use a bit of work, and I could see him having some trouble adjusting to the smaller ice, but his puck possession skills are elite, he's a top-end playmaker, and he can shoot the puck. All around high end offensive skillset, and at this range in the draft I'm taking a shot.

    I'll leave the crappy evaluations at that point, and just leave you with the list and a sentiment of good luck!
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    Default Re: 2019 Draft Class - list for Multi-Cat Leagues

    Full endorsement of mounD's post. Can't go wrong with that sort of analysis. I am ready for my draft after reading that.

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    G: Andersen~Markstrom~Lehner
    Farm: Keep 22 for 150 games
    (C) Hayton~Cozens~McMichael~Norris~Rasmussen
    (W) Kakko~Comtois~Podkolzin~Fagemo~Tippett~Kunin
    (D) Boqvist~Hague~Bean~Lundkvist~Alexeyev
    (G) Campbell~Demko~Samsonov~Sorokin~UPL~Alnefelt~Ingra m

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    Default Re: 2019 Draft Class - list for Multi-Cat Leagues

    Damn mounD... nice effin post.
    I'd double REP that if I could. (Singular REP sent!)

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    Default Re: 2019 Draft Class - list for Multi-Cat Leagues

    Thanks a lot!

    Just picked up zegras and podkolzin in 8th and 10th overall in my draft, and after reading your analysis im quite happy with my picks!

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    Default Re: 2019 Draft Class - list for Multi-Cat Leagues

    Wow, thanks for the comprehensive post, mounD! That's awesome!

    What I wonder specifically is where the scoring potential intersects with physical play. I had Podkolzin higher on my list because it seems like 100+ hits per season can be expected from him, as well as possibly 60+ PIMs. Can Turcotte or Cozens or Krebs bring anywhere near that, or is their likelihood to hit a higher scoring upside higher enough to outweigh any such concerns? From what I hear, I like Zegras a lot in real life, but for multi-cat fantasy he seems to be a pure playmaker in the mold of someone like Barzal, whose points are going to come largely through assists, which generally carry less value than goals, especially if he's not shooting much or stuffing any other stats. Caufield strikes me as boom-or-bust, but the boom is 40+ goals, which is obviously hard to come by - the DeBrincat comparisons are fairly common and obvious. I know Byram has exceptional offensive potential, but is he also a guy we can hope to get ~150 hits and ~150 blocks out of, a la someone like Doughty, or is he more pure offense? I suppose it's all tough to say but I imagine if he ends up being a true #1 Dman those numbers will be higher based on ice time alone...

    Curious to hear your thoughts on these things. Either way, thanks again for your brilliant post.

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