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Thread: Do you prefer Zadina over ...

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    Default Do you prefer Zadina over ...

    Hi everyone,
    11 GM, 23 players per team, 3C, 4W and 3D counting, point only league.

    I'm rebuilding and I have need everywhere. Do you prefer Zadina over Evan Bouchard orNoah Dobson?

    I just want to know who's going to be the best at is position, because I can use a W or a D. I can wait a few years, a want the player with the best potentiel at his position.


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    Default Re: Do you prefer Zadina over ...

    I’d go with Zadina for a pts only as he has the highest point potential of the three. If I wanted to focus on D I’d probably go Bouchard as I think he is slightly more points inclined than Dobson and imo, a clearer path to PP time. Really all three are top talent blue chip prospects but I don’t think Bouchard or Dobson upside from the D spot trumps Zadina’s clearly higher points ceiling.

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    Default Re: Do you prefer Zadina over ...



    I see Zadina as top end prospects at their positions who both have nice, high ceilings.

    Dobson I see as a more well rounded defender who will shed points as a result. Also, i don't think he has as dynamic a skill set as the other two.
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    I'd go with Zadina because (1) forward development is more dependable, (2) I believe he projects more as a scorer than as an all around player, and (3) he will become who he is going to be faster than the others. If I recall, Dobson is slated as an all-around d-man, not particularly a scorer. So whether he's a first power play d-man is questionable, sort of like the Gostisbehere v. Provorov discussion with Dobson being Provorov. Bouchard seems to have opportunity, but I don't think he has the Makar-Q. Hughes level of offensive ability where a team is dying to get him on their top power play.

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    Yes for both

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    Default Re: Do you prefer Zadina over ...

    I still prefer Zadina to both of them.

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    Default Re: Do you prefer Zadina over ...

    Points only Zadina, better upside and D too hard to predict.
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