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Thread: Maker / Hischier for Huberdeau / Bouchard

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    Default Maker / Hischier for Huberdeau / Bouchard

    Which side here??

    16 teams h2h category scoring.
    G,A,Pts, SOG, Hts, Blks, TOI, FOW
    W, Svs, Sv%, GAA

    We start 3 centers. I own Larkin, McDavid and Matthews as my 3 centers. So Hischier is my 4th center that I basically roll in to starting spot when one of my other 3 centers are on a night off.

    We start 3 LW and I have Connor, Thachuk, and Landeskog and a Zadina on the cusp...

    So either way, at Center or Leftwing I have to sit someone each night...

    We start 6 defense....and My Defense is Dumba, Ekblad, Larsson, Theodore, Provorv and Makar comes down to whether I want Makar or Bouchard.....I think.....and I am torn.

    Thoughts on this? Something that can help sway me either way?

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    Default Re: Maker / Hischier for Huberdeau / Bouchard

    I'm definitely taking Makar over Bouchard, but getting Huberdeau would be a pretty nice upgrade to your LW.

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    Default Re: Maker / Hischier for Huberdeau / Bouchard

    Today, from what we know:

    Huberdeau is the better option vs Hischier
    Makar looks like the better option over Bouchard.

    In three years time, this may look totally different depending on how Hischier and Bouchard develop.

    If making this trades does nothing to improve your current situation, why bother. You might as well keep what you have, especially if you are trading away a center when your league has FOW as a category. All due respect to Matthews and his skill level, his ability to stay healthy has been a concern.

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    Default Re: Maker / Hischier for Huberdeau / Bouchard

    I prefer the Hischier & Makar side. Keep what you have.

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    Default Re: Maker / Hischier for Huberdeau / Bouchard

    I really wanted to say Huberdeau and Bouchard, because Huberdeau is the best player in the deal and normally I'd want to take the side with the BP.

    However, in a league that starts 6 defense, I don't think you want to lose Makar for Bouchard. The main issue I have is that Bouchard is likely to play the entire season next year (or at least most of it) in the AHL.
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    Default Re: Maker / Hischier for Huberdeau / Bouchard

    Makar is better than Bouchard, but Huberdeau is better than Hischier. Going forwards it obviously becomes harder to project but you'd be confident saying Makar stays better than Bouchard but Hischier and Huberdeau could become closer. I'd side with the Makar side myself and bank on Hischier growing more as the Devils get better.
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    Default Re: Maker / Hischier for Huberdeau / Bouchard

    Definitely Makar and Hischier. I see Nico following a similar arc to what Tavares did

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    Default Re: Maker / Hischier for Huberdeau / Bouchard

    Thanks to all.
    I ended up standing pat and holding onto Makar and Hischier.

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