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Thread: Kuznetsov vs 1st overall this year

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    Default Kuznetsov vs 1st overall this year

    Yahoo standard league catagories but with FW added. 16 team league. How would u say Hughes/Kappos value is compared to guys like Kuznetsov or S Aho when Im rebuilding?
    Thanks In advance

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    Default Re: Kuznetsov vs 1st overall this year

    When "rebuilding", you are looking to build the strongest roster possible for 3+ years from now.
    (2+ if your league settings/GMs will allow you a faster rebuild).

    So the question is this:
    *Who will be better 3+ years from now:
    J.Hughes (who will be age 21)
    K.Kakko (who will be age 21)
    S.Aho (who will be age 24), or
    Evgeni Kuznetsov (who will be age 30)

    It's not Kuznetsov, for me, because Ovechkin will be 36, almost 37 in 3 years time.
    Aho has been phenomenal...

    Personally, I prefer Hughes & Kakko.
    I think if one looks back on the CONSENSUS #1 & #2 players, they aren't disappointed in performance.
    (Yakupov aside, that was a weak draft)

    But usually - when prospects have THIS much hype, they pan out with the elite.
    So I'd simply hold those players.

    Also - in a rebuild, you usually WANT to be bad for another year.
    If you finish last - and it nets you Alex Lafreniere next year, well - all the better for your rebuild!!!

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    Default Re: Kuznetsov vs 1st overall this year

    Welcome to the forums.

    I agree with P7 when he says that Kuznetsov doesn't make sense if you are looking a few years down the road.

    I do think that Aho could be an interesting player though but not sure I'd do him straight up for the 1st overall. If you could get Aho +, then you'd be talking. Everyone wants to draft early and people can get "pick-crazy" with trades at this time of the year. I am not sure what the rest of his roster looks like, or what he owns for draft picks himself, but it may be worth considering Aho + if the + is worth your while.

    If he isn't willing to add to Aho, then I'd probably just keep the pick.

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    Default Re: Kuznetsov vs 1st overall this year

    Aho for me and it's not that close. He's 21 years old and will be coming into his prime in 2-3 years. 83 points and he's the number one offensive option on his team. Soon he'll be feeding svechnikov on the top line and top PP. He's also currently multi positional (which may not be the case in a few years).

    I take the 21 year old doing it in the NHL already. I mean do we really think this past season will be ahos best? I don't think so.
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    Default Re: Kuznetsov vs 1st overall this year

    My order:


    Kuznetsov is not even in consideration here.
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    Default Re: Kuznetsov vs 1st overall this year

    I take Aho here. Hughes and Kakko could have a few years before they are producing at his level. I think Aho fast tracks the rebuild process for you. I like Kuzy but not in your situation
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    Default Re: Kuznetsov vs 1st overall this year


    Aho is already producing at a high level with potential for more. This kid is something special. They're all very good but Aho is already here and proving himself.

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    Default Re: Kuznetsov vs 1st overall this year


    Kuznetsov makes more sense going for the win but for rebuilding, not an option. Aho is absolutely stellar AND still quite young. That talent is few and far between and I think this is an easy choice.
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    Default Re: Kuznetsov vs 1st overall this year

    Would echo what others are saying. Kuznetsov could be the next Alex Semin while the other three are/look like elite players.

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