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Thread: Is B. Point for real?

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    Default Is B. Point for real?

    I totally missed the boat with Point? I'm still not sold... Should I be? Is he a perennial ppg player?
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    Default Re: Is B. Point for real?

    Id say yes. Hes really good.

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    Default Re: Is B. Point for real?

    Yes, the answers are yes.

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    Default Re: Is B. Point for real?

    Quite Simply YES

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    Default Re: Is B. Point for real?

    I don't think he'll see 40 goals again next season, his shooting percentage was high and Kucherov had such a ridiculous year it's hard to imagine it repeating. Still a point per game player though and that stacked Tampa PP isn't going anywhere.
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    RW: Boeser, Nylander (C), Mantha (LW)
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    Default Re: Is B. Point for real?

    He is the real deal point per game player no doubt in my mind IMHO.
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    Default Re: Is B. Point for real?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
    Is he a perennial ppg player?

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    Default Re: Is B. Point for real?

    Just yes. I missed the boat too. He's part of the gourde, marschy movement- he's for real. If you can still get him do so..

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    Default Re: Is B. Point for real?

    Thankfully I didn't miss the boat on Point in most of my leagues. I won't lie, I didn't expect what he gave last year but I've been a fan of his for some time now.

    I do believe he can continue to do this for years, especially with the key pieces around him all locked up long term.

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    Default Re: Is B. Point for real?

    He's for real. Maybe not PPG all the time, but definitely for real.
    10 team Head-to-head true dynasty. Roster 33, draft 2, cut down before season. Start 1 G, 1-2 backup G's, 6 D, 12 F arranged in 4 lines of 3. Only categories that matter are Goals, Assists, Save% with a shutout bonus. Having NHL teammates helps.

    G: Bobrovsky
    Backup G: F Andersen
    D: Ekblad, Yandle, M Reilly, Carlson, Klingberg, Letang,
    F1: Couturier, Giroux, MacKinnon
    F2: Schiefele, Wheeler, Guentzel
    F3: Benn, Seguin, Pavelski,
    F4: Point, Stamkos, Tavares

    G: Holtby
    D: Gustafsson, Schultz, Gardiner, Hainsey
    F: Bailey, Johnsson, Killorn, Labanc, JT Miller, Necas, Tuch, Voracek

    Reserve: Datsyuk

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    Default Re: Is B. Point for real?

    In case you need anymore reassurance.... absolutely.

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    Default Re: Is B. Point for real?

    Along with others, Point is for real.
    Just go watch his season of highlights - you'll be sold.

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