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Thread: Oshie V Gourde

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    Another Manager has approached me about trading his Gourde for my Oshie. I know Oshie is older and more injury prone but gourde had a pretty down year last season do you still think it would be better to have gourde over oshie??? this is a 12 team dynasty league cats below thank you one more thing its a fantrax league so gourde has C,LW,RW eligibility as to Oshie only RW


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    I prefer Gourde. Oshie has never scored over 60 pts in his entire career, whereas Gourde did that in his first full season. Admittedly Gourde regressed in season 2, but I suspect he will rebound next year. One thing going for him is that Tampa needs to free up some salary, and I think the logical thing would be to deal away one or two of their forwards (J.T. Miller, Tyler Johnson, Palat, Gourde, etc.). No matter what happens, I foresee more ice time for Gourde next year.
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    I’m another vote for Yanni. The eligibility is a big plus, he’s also gonna give you bumps in the fow and pim department.

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    Thanks for your reply's good info

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