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    Default Some Names...

    Im not good at this so polling the dobber genius collective- lol!

    I think next year is my "for real" problem year on this squad but would love to get some feedback on what these handful of impending contracts might look like. Team and league in sig. Pacioretty and Mierzlikins are signed and barring something big will be on my roster for 7 and 1.85 respectively. Im guessing im mostly ok with the next couple raises as long as i bury Kovalchuk in the minors. I might have to get creative with pacioretty too though.

    EK- Currently 6.5- Im hearing 9- I can live with that. Any chance he gets that stupid superman contract at 11-12?? Gawd i hope not...
    Maroon- Im going to hope 2 with term after his heroics- too optimistic?
    Lehkonen- No clue. Bridge contract 3.5 without term?
    Mrazek-hearing 4 X 4ish- which would be money in said bank

    Am I close on these???
    14 team cap league (30 mil above nhl)
    Daily Changes- 3c 3rw 3lw 3 forward flex 5d 2g 8bn ir+
    Weekly hth - g a p ppp shp pim sog +/- gwg - w sv% so gaa saves
    27 man farm team - no cap - junior team can hold prospects to up till 3 years
    C Ziba Kadri Hino
    Rw Tarasenko Gallagher Hornqvist
    Lw Hall Forsberg Evander
    Flex Forward- Perron, Kreider T Johnson
    D Karlsson Krug Hamilton Ghost Gustaafson
    G Andersen Fleury
    BN Coleman Terry Kase Lehkonen Maroon Hronek Mrazek Merzlikins
    Farm Kovalchuk Hartman Jarnkrok Sekera Mikheyev Nygard Sturm Palve Vanek
    Rooks Olofsson HoSang Marody Persson
    Cap 111.5

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    Default Re: Some Names...

    I think you're low on all but Lehkonen. Karlsson will get 11, Maroon will be 3-3.5, Lehkonen will be in the 2 range, and Mrazek I expect about 4.5 (close on him).
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    Default Re: Some Names...

    EB is much more knowledegable - he has a system, but here's my thoughts.

    I think Maroon may depend on how far the Blues go. I see him being very likely to stay there, and that seems like a below-market kind of contract then. I can see 3 with term, maybe a bit less, maybe a bit more, but not much.

    I don't see Lehkonen signing a 1 year deal, period - that's what I take "without term" to mean. It would be super dumb on the Canadiens part, and as dumb as Bergevin has been at times, setting a solid middle six forward who is only 23 up to be a free agent again that soon is a bit beyond what he's done. I am hoping Lehkonen comes in at 2 or lower, so he remains useful in my cap dynasty league, as opposed to a guy to just hope on.

    Karlsson I don't think gets quite as much after this year, but but he's getting double digits.

    Mrazek I think you're close on, just who knows where.
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    G: Bobrovsky
    Backup G: F Andersen
    D: Ekblad, Yandle, M Reilly, Carlson, Klingberg, Letang
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    F2: Schiefele, Wheeler, Guentzel
    F3: Benn, Seguin, Pavelski
    F4: Stamkos, Tavares, MacKinnon

    Injured: Point
    G: Holtby
    D: Gardiner, Gustafsson, Makar, Morrissey
    F: Bailey, Bertuzzi, Cirelli, Johnsson, Labanc, JT Miller, Necas
    Reserve: Datsyuk

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    Default Re: Some Names...

    I think Karlsson will get Doughty range money. (I have him in a cap league too and I'm contemplating moving him - had Doughty until recently too but had to move him for obvious reasons. Managed to get Josi so pretty happy there)

    Maroon- Someone will be dumb and sign him to $4 or even $5+ for like 4 or 5 years
    Lehkonen- I don't know either, maybe he goes to the K?
    Mrazek- $4-5M sounds about right, 3-4 yrs.
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    Default Re: Some Names...

    I hope Bergevin will manage to sign Lehkonen to something similar as Nick Ritchie did a couple of months ago. 1.5-2 for 2-3 years

    Karlsson could depends on where he signs. He will have more money left after taxes with $9.0M in Tampa than $12M in Ottawa/Montreal per example.

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