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Thread: Farm Audit (16 Team Dynasty)

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    Default Farm Audit (16 Team Dynasty)

    I just finished a couple of trades to improve my farm system. I'm weakest on D (and kind of impatient with prospects). I get a ton of offers for Fox & Brannstrom, but nothing great. I'm curious if I should wait for these prospects to develop or try to trade them for decent NHL Dmen. The offers I've received so far were Fox for J. Slavin and Brannstrom for C. Miller + B. Wilde.

    Farm: D. Bokk/N. Gusev/E. Brannstrom/N. Hague/A. Fox/A. Alexeyev

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    Default Re: Farm Audit (16 Team Dynasty)

    Those are good D prospects you have. Be patient. Those offers arent exciting.

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    Default Re: Farm Audit (16 Team Dynasty)

    if those are the offers your getting... then you should be patient with your prospects.
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    Default Re: Farm Audit (16 Team Dynasty)

    Keep what you have. Slavin and Miller's ceilings are substantially lower than that of Fox and Brannstrom.

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    Default Re: Farm Audit (16 Team Dynasty)

    I’m a big believer in treating all my players as assets and constantly trying to determine their value. The typical buy low sell high whenever I can. It’s amazing to me how much value fluctuates from season to season and sometimes even month to month especially with prospects. Fox is a great study case as his value went from mumbles to fever pitch over the last two seasons. Had you traded him last season odds are you’d of gotten less return than you could get now. With Fox (who I owned and packaged late this last season for Provy) I took stock on wether the odds of his value increasing vs stabilizeling or dropping. I think he’s reached his prospect peak value, he already graces many top 10 and 20 lists. The next value marker is wether he produces in the show. Most GMs in my experience usually overvalue prospects especially hyped studs like Fox. Fox’s hype (or value) won’t really increase unless he puts up 35+ as a rookie imo. If he becomes a 40-60pt guy over time I think his value stays about the same (because the shiny new toy effect is that strong). I made the decision that Fox’s odds of a value increase were slimmer than the odds of decreasing even if he shows well with NYR. Provy obviously had a down year so I was able to get some buy low value there as well. If Provy never takes the next step (which imo is slim to none) and Fox blows the doors off, I may have sold low on him. Just have to calculate the trends you see. This is just my thinking and how I approach determining value. As for your offers, Fox for Slavin straight across i’d ask myself a few questions. What is more value to my team, now production or potential? Where would Fox go if he was in our prospect draft? Could I flip Slavin for a similar level hyped prospect? What do I think Slavin’s value will do in the future? I personally think Slavin is a sneaky good add. Would I flip Fox for him, it would depend on my format, roster makeup, and ask myself those questions above as well as a lot more. Maybe there is a counter deal and the Slavin owner tosses a prospect in that slowly becomes Fox level hype. It’s all about answering as many if, and, or, nots as you can. I obviously overthink all of my deals but that’s the way I like it. The Miller+Wilde deal can be broken down in a similar way. If your gut wasn’t impressed by those offers I wouldn’t be surprised if you asked yourself all those questions and come to the same gut conclusion. Either way I hope this helps and keep us posted on the track you take. Sorry for the book, cheers and good luck!

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