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Thread: should i be concerned

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    Default should i be concerned

    a trade in the league im in went down and i dont really have issue with the trade but i have issue with the findings after the trade

    the trade was good one
    kikuchi and bryant

    where the question comes in is this
    another gm called out this trade because one owner hasnt apparently signed in since like end of feb, this deal made apr 26th and it was put thru on the site on apr 26 it is fantrax so both teams would need to sign in obviosuly correct but on the 28th it was said that this owner was shown signed in on 27th , which is day after trade, the other thing the one owner who is getting the snell (who is also commish in league) said came out and said that the guy who was in question about not signing in which is also the team getting bryant side , is his step son which I just found out , as an owner in this league i feel that all owners should have been told immideiatly that these two were related. im not accusing the trade of being bad one i actaully feel that it was good the problem i have is feeling as an owner i was not aware of thi s father son relationship. This should have been announced right away instead of waiting till they make trade

    do i have a concern here

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    Default Re: should i be concerned

    if the trade's fair I don't see an issue. During off season, GM's don't sign on every day. if they're related it gives them the opportunity to discuss deals offline. No issue with that in my mind.
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    Default Re: should i be concerned

    I am only concerned if it is is clearly cheating. But I think it is a fair trade and that there is nothing to be concerned for.

    I would keep a close eye on any further transaction between the two of them and make sure that there isn't any lop-sided trades.

    Transparency is of course the best way to run a league, and the commish missed this... but hopefully he has learned.

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