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Thread: How to deal with pending cap crunch?

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    Default How to deal with pending cap crunch?

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    Next year is going to be a bit of a cap crunch with Kucherov, Byron, and Jensen already receiving a total raise of 8.65M and the cap only going up by 4M.

    And then the big question is what happens with my pending RFAs. My best guesses contract wise are Vrana - 4.5Mx3, Compher 2.5Mx2, and Fiala 3Mx2. Which would be a total increase of about 6.3M there. So in all, I have to try to fit about 11M more cap in.

    Currently my thoughts are to trade Fiala, Clutterbuck, Russell and Quick. Should leave me with a bit of leeway and extend my window by one year.
    31 team dynasty with real-life cap, H2H Points- G=4, A=2, SOG=0.75, Shots Missed=-0.25, PPP=1, SHP=2, +/-=1, HIT=0.5, BLK=0.5, SV=0.25, GA=-2, W=6, SHO=6

    C- Barkov, Trocheck, Cizikas, Glass, Granlund (EDM)
    W- Kucherov, Svechnikov, Kreider, Dadonov, Vrana, Thomas, Compher, Bjorkstrand, Byron, Clutterbuck
    D- Krug, Mayfield, Engelland, Hainsey, Borowiecki, Holden
    G- Dubnyk, Quick, DeSmith

    Notable Prospects- Evans(MTL), Anderson(LAK), Davies(NSH), Carlsson(CHI), Ersson(PHI), Persson(EDM), Eriksson Ek(ANA)

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    Default Re: How to deal with pending cap crunch?

    Your window definitely doesn't look like it's closing, and the few guys you listed to trade probably make sense at the top of the selling list. The other options also include selling off a couple of Fiala, Vrana, etc, the guys who have unpredictable cap hits right now. You can usually still get a solid price on them from someone around the league, it takes away the uncertainty of what you're dealing with, and you get rid of the risk of them getting a bigger contract than expected, and just tanking their value.

    Hoffman could also make a good sell-high, as someone may get knocked off that top PP next year to put Trochek back on it.
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    Default Re: How to deal with pending cap crunch?

    C- Cizikas, Faksa
    W- Byron, Clutterbuck, Granlund (VAN)
    D- Gudas, Russell, Engelland, Jensen

    I think that these guys are all 'replaceable' in a fantasy hockey sense. Keep your studs. Fill in the bottom of the salary scale with cheap skaters (preferably D).
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    Default Re: How to deal with pending cap crunch?

    I like Eskimo's suggestion of Hoffman as someone potentially worth selling. I'd add Kreider to that mix as well. Both are heading into their final years before becoming expensive UFAs. Hoffman seems destined to sign a regrettable contract. Kreider is a little bit younger so he'd offer great value next year and could live up to a larger contract over the following couple of seasons but those affordable final seasons of their current deals could also make them exceptional trade chits. I wouldn't lock in on trading them, but instead shop around and see if someone's willing to overpay with stuff that reboots you a bit and allows you to afford the new deals for Vrana and Fiala as the develop into the new Kreiders and Hoffmans for your squad.

    As much as moving on from Quick makes sense, I'm not sure what kind of market you'd have for him after the worst year of his career. He is getting up there in age but there's a decent chance that he can rebound. You also cannot rule out the possibility that he gets dealt to a contender, which could drastically change his outlook. Would hate to sell low if you're getting nothing but salary relief.

    Under your scoring system, a starter who makes 55 starts, wins half (27), nets two shutouts, and allows 3.00 goals/game on 31 SA, basically a purely league average goalie, is going to net 229 FP, which I imagine would be valuable even if he does have a handful of starts that end with negative points.
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    Default Re: How to deal with pending cap crunch?

    I like Moses' list a lot. Basically you have a payroll setup like the Islanders' looming: overpaid end of the roster guys. Dump most of those guys for cheaper options, particularly Clutterbuck & Czikas who should start losing time next year.
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    G: F Andersen
    Backup G: Holtby
    D: Hainsey, M Reilly, Carlson, Gustafsson, Klingberg, Letang,
    F1: Couturier, Giroux, MacKinnon
    F2: Schiefele, Wheeler, Guentzel
    F3: Benn, Seguin, Pavelski,
    F4: Point, Stamkos, Tavares

    G: Bobrovsky
    D: Gardiner, Gostisbehere, Schultz, Werenski
    F: Bailey, Johnsson, Killorn, Labanc, JT Miller, Necas, Tuch, Voracek

    Reserve: Datsyuk

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    Default Re: How to deal with pending cap crunch?

    Quote Originally Posted by Moses View Post
    C- Cizikas, Faksa
    W- Byron, Clutterbuck, Granlund (VAN)
    D- Gudas, Russell, Engelland, Jensen

    I think that these guys are all 'replaceable' in a fantasy hockey sense. Keep your studs. Fill in the bottom of the salary scale with cheap skaters (preferably D).
    ^This is very on track.
    Typically - the players whose salaries do NOT translate well into fantasy hockey are the "vanilla" defensemen.
    There are D that suppress shots from opposing players - without doing it... statistically.

    Nick Jensen is prime example. He's got 75 hits & 100 blk this year. (175 H+B)
    That's simply not enough stat-output for somebody about to make $2.5m/year.
    You cut guys like him quickly.

    However, Radko Gudas is at 250 hit & 125 blk this year. (375 H+B)
    Gudas will be at $3.35m next year.

    But ultimately, leagues with "weighted scoring"... the math is too complicated for us.
    But - OP(/you) can present it better.

    The calculation is simple:
    (Fantasy Points Per Season) / (Future Yearly Salary)
    That gives you the key metric: Fantasy Points per Dollar.

    Decisions should be based on that.
    If you present a list of all your players with those two numbers... and then the divided amount... you'll know (and we can help you determine which players could increase/decrease in stats).

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