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Thread: Doing a baseball draft for the 1st time tonight

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    Default Doing a baseball draft for the 1st time tonight

    Hey guys, i want your opinion

    I'm doing a baseball draft tonight and i need to know what are your strategies going into a draft like that

    We take 1B,2B,3B,SS,C,3OF,2U, 2SP,2RP,4P,

    CATS are: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, IP, W, SV. K, ERA, WHIP

    What do you guys normally do, you go with hitters first or with the pitchers?

    thanks for your reply
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    Default Re: Doing a baseball draft for the 1st time tonight

    Well since the weekends are a little light around here....check out this thread below. Tons of input.!

    As for the hitters or pitchers first that depends on how many teams are in your league and where you are picking. Unfortunately I assume you won't know the latter until the draft, but I generally like to have 1 SP in my first 3 picks. I rarely go with one in round 1 and likely wouldn't unless I was picking 6-9 and Scherzer was still there. But again if it's a smaller league (10 teams) then there will be a ton of pitchers available so locking down a stud is less important to me.

    I do always find that pitching is easier to find throughout the year for two reasons. 1. More injuries to pitchers so more and more pop up every year; whether that's long relievers turning into SP or guys coming from the minors. 2. Pitchers are 100000% times easier to stream. Even if you have weekly lineups and limited moves, every week you can pick up one or two that start on Monday and will likely start again on Saturday or Sunday.....

    For hitters....the guys in the first 10 rounds are generally in their teams lineups every day so that is why I find myself targeting hitting early. Usually about a 7-3 split in the first 10 rounds. Or maybe a 7 - 2 (SP) - 1 (RP).

    Anyways. Hope that helps. Goodluck

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    Default Re: Doing a baseball draft for the 1st time tonight

    Good info from HR - always good to at least get 1 stud starter, also top relievers are limited so if they are gone then I would fill in later in draft by committee as these can change weekly. You need to have batters that play every day. Nice tip on streaming pitchers.
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