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Thread: Phil Myers vs Dominik Kahun

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    Default Phil Myers vs Dominik Kahun

    So Iツ知 a in a sim league based on NHL stats, right now my team sucks, with that being said Iツ値l have first choice of undrafted rookies and right now Iツ知 struggling between a potential 40 point guy in Kahun or a potential top 4 defenseman in Myers. Also have potentially two top five picks in this years draft which looks prospect heavy, Any thoughts would be great.

    My current main roster make up, most of the other guys are scrubs;

    Pro Guys F: Mittelstadt, Andrighetto, Copp, Hartman, Vatrano

    Pro Guys D: Niskanen, Murphy, Hronek, Bogosian

    In system F: Suzuki, Dahlen, Bokk, Kurashev, Mattheos

    In system D: Sandin, Alexeyev, Wilde, Samuelsson, Mikey Anderson

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    Default Re: Phil Myers vs Dominik Kahun

    Myers over Kahun.

    My top 5 from your list would be (not necessarily in order): Suzuki, Mittelstadt, Sandin, Alexeyev, Hronek.
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    Default Re: Phil Myers vs Dominik Kahun

    I'd rather have a potential 40+pt Dman than a 40+pt forward. Not to mention Myers is so young where Kahun is in his prime.

    I agree with EB's top 5 prospects for the most part. Personally, I like Wilde long term over Alexeyev & Hronek. And Bokk is right outside the top 5.

    (don't sleep on M. Anderson - great depth prospect with some sleeper potential)
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