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Thread: Rebuild or make a move?

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    Default Rebuild or make a move?

    I am in a 13 team Capped (108M) keep all.
    ACTIVE ROSTER: 11 F 5 D 2 G (points only, with +- counting if on the net-plus side, goalies 2 W 1 OTL +2 for Shutouts)
    BENCH ROSTER: 6 players
    PROSPECTS SPOTS: 5 players
    IR SPOTS: 3

    F - Ovechkin, Giroux, P. Kane, E. Kane, A. Lee, Bertuzzi(IR), Bratt,Gourde, Panarin, Stone, D. Strome, Konecny, Hyman, Rust
    D- Doughty, Karlsson (IR), Ellis, Gostisbehere, Klefbom , Parayko, De Angelo
    G- Hellebuyck, Allen, Kinkaid, Koskinen, Elliott (IR)
    Prospects - White, Rasmussen, Kyrou, Bean, Sparks

    With 3 guys on IR and only two spots and 7.5 M remaining cap, I can move Karlsson back in whenever but then have to decide to drop someone...likely rust. Then need to decide on Elliott when/if he returns Drop I suppose.

    I am sitting a solid 4th but 50 points back of third and 90 back of 1st place. After last year's championship season, what is my future looking like?

    I will have some major cap concerns next season also, with Stone, Panarin, Gourde, Koskinen, Doughty, Ellis, Kinkaid, all getting new (and juicy) contracts!

    Anyone see a way forward this season?
    Who would you move in a league where most GMs think that you are old when you hit 26!!

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    Default Re: Rebuild or make a move?

    all goalies not named Hellebuyck for a solid 29yr old #1. Take advantage of the youth movement. and move Panarin/Stone for players closer to 30 on longer term contracts (their hits will be lower)
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