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Thread: Royal Rumble

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    Quote Originally Posted by hockeyrobot View Post
    I wish i followed or watched NXT. Sounds like its always a great show where they have actual storylines and character development.
    Yes, the NXT Takeover events are by far the best WWE produced events. There are now 5 a year and they constantly outperform the regular WWE PPVs that follow them. Last night's Takeover was no exception.

    I'd assume Seth Rollins is winning the Rumble, and if booked right, him vs Lesnar at WrestleMania could be a nice storyline. Not Rollins the underdog, but Rollins the babyface with all the heart. They can afford to have a bit less of a high profile of a Universal Title match at Mania since the women are gonna be the main focus (Rousey vs Lynch and possibly a triple thread with Charlotte as well in the main event looks penciled in).


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    Solid show and I feel like they went with a lot of "crowd pleasers" for the finishes.

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    It was an OK show, not great by any means. Saturday's show was much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericdaoust View Post
    It was an OK show, not great by any means. Saturday's show was much better.
    I agree. The Royal Rumble was “ok” but very predictable. I liked Nia Jax entering the men’s after busting up Truth. Becky winning was interesting and it won me my “Rumble Pool”. She was my third pick to win and my buddy laughed at me, saying that because she was in the championship match, she wouldn’t enter the Rumble.

    The Takeover event was great, but not as good as they have been in the past. It was still far better than the Main Event.


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